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Prairie forage and soil health groups team up on resources, events


The organizers of conferences on soil health, grazing, and regenerative agriculture are becoming a member of forces to supply a one-stop-shop of events and actions.

The Western Canada Convention on Soil Health and Grazing, Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC), and Manitoba Forage and Grassland Affiliation (MFGA) have linked their annual events and organizational actions by way of a jointly-signed memorandum of understanding, with the intent to “ensure the interests of Prairie farmers and producers are front and centre.”

The brand new effort will likely be known as the Prairie Area Soil Health Community.

Duncan Morrison, government director of MFGA, says the pandemic has affected convention organizers skill to plan, host, and have interaction producer audiences by way of gatherings throughout the Prairies.

“Our agriculture conferences are critical lifelines for each of our smaller-sized groups. We need them for the attendance gate and financial reasons, but more of all, we need them as a place and opportunity for producers to network and learn and share knowledge among each other,” says Morrison.

MFGA has hosted three completely different codecs of their three years of internet hosting an occasion.

In Alberta, beneath the management of Nora Paulovich and Laura Gibney, the biennial Alberta Soil Health and Grazing Convention grew right into a well-attended occasion — 550-plus attendees at their 2019 convention — for these all for what goes on beneath and above the soil floor.

Paulovich says the Alberta convention team felt the pandemic made holding an occasion in 2021 unsure and have moved planning for his or her occasion to 2022. “It makes total sense to support each other with a collaborative Prairie approach,” says Paulovich.

In accordance with Morrison, the brand new settlement broadens the collective wingspan for all three provincial groups to advertise the conferences, in no matter format — on-line, in-person, or webinar-based.

SFC selected to cancel their inaugural 2021 occasion however Shannon McArton, government director of SFC, says the choice was the precise selection.

“We haven’t stopped planning since we were forced to postpone. SFC partnered with the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association to deliver the first Saskatchewan Soil Health and Grazing Conference just as soon as we can. Working with this prairie group to share ideas and networks and cross-promote our events will be a great boost for us and the other two organizations, and ultimately all the producers we represent and network with,” says McArton.


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