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Protein Industries Canada and Farmers Edge partner on traceability project


Protein Industries Canada (PIC) is transferring to the second part of a partnership to enhance traceability and advertising alternatives of Canadian plant-based meals, feed, and substances.

The tasks will create a brand new platform to “enhance production practices and storage and marketing decisions,” combining storage expertise with blockchain traceability.

The $17.1 million project shall be cut up between PIC offering 50 per cent and Farmers Edge, OPIsystems, and TrustBIX offering investments of $6 million, $2.2 million and $334,000 respectively.

Farmers Edge will present the field-level evaluation and predictive modeling; OPIsystems’ expertise helps producers dry, situation and retailer grain in ways in which optimize high quality whereas lowering power consumption and spoilage losses; and TrustBIX supplies blockchain connectivity between the companions to confirm traceability for grain advertising.

“Improving the competitiveness of Canada’s plant-based foods sector includes demonstrating our sustainability efforts and producing our crops in a way that meets our customers’ needs—whether that be domestic or international ingredients and food processors,” says Invoice Greuel, CEO of PIC. “Farmers Edge, OPIsystems, and TrustBIX are developing a program that not only helps accomplish that but also connects processors and other buyers directly with the Canadian producers who can provide them with the feedstocks that meet their exact specifications. This is the sort of technology our sector needs—that which meets the needs of every step of our value chain while improving traceability and sustainability to better meet customer expectations.”

The platform’s advertising factor will construct on traceability work with the Requirements Council of Canada, focusing on matching consumers to producers, executing contracts, and seeking out or monitoring regulatory and different requirements.

“We look forward to continuing this important work with our partners, the federal government and Protein Industries Canada, as we invest through this project to enhance our digital platform,” says Wade Barnes, founder and CEO of Farmers Edge. “Collectively, we’re seizing the opportunity to create a comprehensive program that will ensure high quality crop production and complete traceability from field to market. The opportunity to harness the Farmers Edge expertise in data and AI-driven technologies and apply it to the growers’ and consumers’ benefit is gratifying. Growers will be able to share verified crop records with a simple click, and consumers will gain transparency on the origin of their food, enhancing their level of trust in farms across Canada.”

The project marks Protein Industries Canada’s 18th expertise project announcement, and nineteenth general. Along with business, Protein Industries Canada has dedicated greater than $349 million to the Canadian plant-protein sector. They’re at the moment accepting Expressions of Curiosity (EOIs) for each their Expertise and Capability Constructing applications.



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