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Rainy day challenge results in big payout for charities


When all the things is dry round you, there must be one thing to sit up for. Rain can actually change individuals’s frames of thoughts when the Prairies are in the situation they’ve been in these previous months.

Rob Stone, a farmer from Davidson, Sask. wished to tilt the scales for himself and the farming group, by proposing a challenge on Twitter. He joined RealAg Radio host Shaun Haney, on Thursday’s Farmer Fast Fireplace episode, the place they chatted in regards to the challenge.

Stone proposed on Could 14th that if it rained half an inch by Could twenty fifth, he was going to donate $1000 to a charity of his selection — and others shortly signed up.

“It was fascinating — the buy in, or the people that were just ready to have something  more to look forward to than a five to seven day forecast that went nowhere,” says Stone. “We had that to look forward to that if we do hit our goal, we get to share some of the wealth as well. It was a fun thing and it kind of just changed the channel a little bit on just looking at the weather apps.”


The tweet received loads of exercise, and Stone sadly doesn’t have an concept but of what number of organizations obtained donations because of the challenge. STARS appeared to be an amazing choice from individuals, says Stone, because it’s a service that loads of rural individuals want. Alzheimers societies, Telemiracle and many native charities and organizations additionally obtained sizeable donations.

“I’m hoping that we can kind of put together an effort with the charities that have benefitted from this, to kind of figure out where this is at, at some point,” he says.

Stone ended up receiving a few half inch in the type of snow on Could twentieth, and one other 1.25 inches in rain over the Could lengthy weekend. He squared up his finish of the cut price by donating $1000 to his native 4-H membership.


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