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Re Envision Ag and Grain Weevil

Re Envision Ag and Grain Weevil[ad_1]

Two AgLaunch startups, Re Envision Ag and Grain Weevil, provide new know-how for 2 essential features in farming, planting a crop and grain storage.

Re Envision Ag and Grain Weevil are two out of 5 startups AgLaunch launched through the 2021 Mid-South Farm and Gin Present Digital Occasion. AgLaunch’s slogan is, “Bringing startup culture to agriculture.” They join entrepreneurs with growers, help enterprise improvement, mentor new expertise, and uncover novel approaches to farming.

Re Envision Ag

Re Envision Ag provides a brand new answer for arguably an important process any farmer does, planting a crop. With a concentrate on soil well being, no-till, and regenerative agriculture practices, Re Envision Ag has a brand new planting device for farmers.

“I don’t know if it will surprise you, but it amazes me that row crop agriculture relies on technology envisioned hundreds of years ago,” stated Jayson Ryner, founder and CEO of Re Envision Ag. “At Re Envision Ag, we are focused on helping farmers with the next generation in row crop planting.”

In row crops, compaction issues. The present trade commonplace was final basically modified 50 years in the past. Disc openers are designed for use in soil that has been dried out, going between 4 and six miles per hour.

“Today, we are trying to use the disc opener where it was never meant to go into high residue and wet soils using high-speed while applying up to 300 pounds of down pressure, resulting in disc opener compaction,” he stated. “Farmers planting in wet soil can experience 20 to 50% yield loss caused by disc opener compaction. To the farmer, there is a danger of messing up the entire crop at the most critical time in the most critical spot, the root zone at planting.”

The Re Envision Ag planter system is designed to put the seed on the optimum depth and spacing chosen by the farmer, eliminating compaction, and making certain the basis zone is optimized for progress.

“We plan to sell individual row units,” Ryner stated. “Our row-unit is designed to pay for itself quickly while widening the planting window, lowering input costs, capturing full yield potential, and expanding the farmer’s bottom line while also achieving healthier soils and sustainability. Our light row-unit opens the door for the new ag economy. Less need for tillage means less money spent on horsepower. Less soil contact means the maximum carbon sequestration and payments to the farmer.”

For extra info, go to https://reenvisionag.com/.

Photograph supplied by AgLaunchRe Envision Ag and Grain Weevil

Ben Johnson, left, and Zane Zents are proven with the Grain Weevil robotic.

Grain Weevil

The Grain Weevil addresses a essential ingredient in grain storage and dealing with by utilizing robots to extend farmer security whereas additionally doubtlessly defending the standard of the grain.

“We are a father-son company, and we want to increase grain bin safety for farmers,” stated Ben Johnson, Chief Innovation Officer for the Grain Weevil Company. “Grain bins are scorching, soiled, and harmful workplaces. To adequately handle saved grain, farmers are uncovered to potential falls, entrapments, auger entanglements, and long-term situations equivalent to farmer’s lung. On the almost 450,000 American farms with grain bins, farmers collectively take these dangers over 6 million instances a yr. Grain must be managed throughout your complete storage course of, and a farmer with a shovel has at all times been the very best answer.

“Unfortunately, this led to 23 entrapment deaths in 2019 alone. Even worse, one out of every five grain bin accidents is a teenage boy. How is the industry addressing this problem now? As we have mentioned, a farmer with a shovel and a can-do attitude is the most common answer. Other solutions include extremely heavy equipment that is usually permanently attached to every bin and often still leaves a farmer with some reasons to enter the bin.”

The Grain Weevil crew created a robotic as an answer to maintain farmers out of grain bins in addition to basically change how grain bins are managed.

“The Grain Weevil addresses storage challenges by working smarter, not harder,” he stated. “The device scurries across the top of the grain, which reduces its viscosity. This lets gravity do the rest of the work, smoothing out the walls of grain, and breaking up the crusts and ridges. It is lightweight, portable, and powerful enough to take the place of a farmer with a shovel.”

The Grain Weevil presently weighs round 30 kilos and is available in a handy backpack for secure lugging to the highest of the bin. Options embody a swappable payload bay, battery packs, a video stream, and a fundamental sensor package deal. The robotic might be pushed by a handheld distant management and will finally function autonomously.

“The Grain Weevil addresses two main issues that grain farmers face today,” Johnson stated. “The primary is grain bin security. We hope {that a} farmer won’t ever enter a grain bin once more. In the event that they keep out, they keep secure. The flexibility to maintain a farmer secure is priceless.

“The second issue, which our robot addresses, is managing the quality of stored grain through tasks like inspections, leveling, and dispersing of the grain when it is being loaded. Keeping just one bin from spoiling, could save a farmer as much as $20,000. The Grain Weevil is on a mission to become an ag robot that does the work no farmer should have to do.”

For extra info, go to http://www.grainweevil.com/.

Go to http://aglaunch.com/ for extra details about AgLaunch Startups.


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