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RealAg LIVE! with Jennifer Otani with early pest scouting alerts

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Some insect pests overwinter in or close to fields, whereas others blow in later within the season. For those who overwinter, early scouting is particularly vital.

Following a comparatively delicate winter, some insect pests are benefiting from dry situations on many elements of the Prairies and are starting to emerge and feed. For this RealAg LIVE! host Kara Oosterhuis is joined by Jennifer Otani, with Agriculture and Agri-Meals Canada, to speak cutworm dangers and scouting, wireworm complexities, early indications of flea beetle, and extra.

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  • Early season pests!
  • Comparatively delicate winter does favour overwintering of some pests
  • Cutworms could possibly be a difficulty, as they do overwinter
  • Wireworm
  • Flea beetles is the subsequent one we fear about
  • There may be some seed within the floor already
  • Cutworm pest species overwinter as larvae and pupae and so get digging! Yow will discover them
  • Overwintering cutworms would possibly eat dandelion roots first, might be the primary indication of a difficulty
  • Beneficials for cutworms? Some predatory beetles are lively now
  • There are some cutworm illnesses, too
  • Early season scouting is much less about management and extra about truth discovering (which species? what number of? the place?)
  • Bertha armyworm are inclined to run in 3-year outbreak cycles, so in the event that they have been an issue final yr, be cautious and maybe get some traps
  • Dwell reporting maps! Use them! Report! (Verify them out right here)
  • When to place out traps? Often by finish of June. Tied to diploma day warmth models.
  • Mmmm, recipes for wireworm bait balls
  • Otani suggests extra worth in scouting, as success with bait balls has been ho-hum
  • Pheromones present promise
  • Control that germinating seed, please
  • Flea beetles overwinter as adults
  • Lively as quickly because the climate warms up
  • Essential to bear in mind that in case you see flea beetles on weeds/volunteers
  • However generally there’s a distance/disconnect between the beetles are and the place your canola finally ends up
  • Two most important species, crucifer and striped
  • Cool, dry, windy springs could imply the feeding occurs on the stem and underside of the leaf
  • And never the yr to scrimp on seed
  • Favorite pest? Lygus! Favorite predator? An enormous fan of carabid beetles. So fairly. Photogenic, y’all.
  • Beneficials, are pollinators, parasitoids, and a few are predators — some superb hymenoptera species
  • Peace Area: look ahead to grasshoppers in June. You heard it right here first.


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