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RealAg LIVE! with Robert Gobeil on Farm Safety Week


Farm security — whether or not it’s a grain farm, a livestock operation, a mix of the 2, or some other sort of ag-related operation, growing a security plan deserves the time.

Robert Gobeil, ag well being and security professional with CASA joins visitor host Lyndsey Smith for at this time’s RealAg LIVE!

RealAg LIVE! streams each weekday at 3 pm E on Youtube, Fb, and Twitter!


  • Lyndsey recites a limerick
  • What’s Ag Safety Week all about?
  • This yr’s theme is “Lead an ag safe Canada”
  • All through the pandemic, CASA has created some assets for the ag sectoe
  • “How do we stay safe around cattle, equipment, and now each other?”
  • Damage prevention is at all times a precedence for CASA
  • New “inflow” graphics. If a circulation chart and an infographic had a child…
  • How a lot time ought to farms put money into growing their very own security plan?
  • All of us wish to go residence the identical manner we arrived
  • Falling, grain entrapment, transferring or driving on gear, being round livestock. Every operation is exclusive and would require completely different security measures.
  • The place do you begin?
  • Conserving youngsters protected on the farm, has there been a rise in inquiries, particularly with youngsters being residence as a result of pandemic?
  • Okay, now what in regards to the oldest era on the farm? It’s a troublesome dialog, however it needs to be had.
  • If an older member of the family nonetheless desires to contribute, what duties ought to they do?
  • Profit throughout the pandemic? CASA has seen much more consideration put on security
  • Would you let a child run amok round a development website? Most likely not.
  • Safety tradition, are we the place we must be? We’re working in the direction of increased requirements of security in ag
  • How essential is it for folks or the older era to observe the principles and never simply say the principles?
  • Children are curious and in the event that they get the appropriate message, they’ll positively implement that message for the earlier era too
  • planfarmsafety.ca
  • Hopefully it doesn’t take a detailed name, or worse, for individuals to be extra protected across the farm


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