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Recommended Brooding Duration for Chicks with Temperature Requirement


Brooding is the artwork and science of rearing child chicks. A newly hatched chick doesn’t develop the thermoregulatory mechanism absolutely and takes about two weeks to develop this mechanism and homeostasis.

Due to this fact, they can not preserve the physique temperature correctly for the primary few weeks of life; and could also be subjected to chilling, if not correctly taking good care of.  Brooding might be categorised into pure and synthetic brooding.

Brooding is often finished between the primary 4 (4) weeks of the chicks life. On the first week, it’s important to preserve them at a temperature of 32C-34C, 30C-32C on the 2nd week and 28C-30C on the 3rd week.

After 4 (4) weeks, their feathers are sufficient as a supply of warmth. Brooding them past 4weeks is undesirable and could possibly be aggravating for the birds.

As soon as the fertile egg is laid by the hen, the embryo can develop and hatch with no help from the hen.  The egg have to be maintained at a managed temperature and humidity for roughly 28 days.

As soon as the chicks are hatched, they have to be maintained at larger than regular temperatures till they’ve developed ample measurement and feather protection to acclimate to extra regular animal housing temperatures.  The necessity to present auxiliary warmth for the animals is known as brooding.

Fast Info…

  • Correct brooding temperatures are mandatory for chicks to be wholesome and to quickly feather. The brooder temperature will lower with every week of age.
  • All poultry requires a minimal quantity of sq. toes in coops, runs and cages that will increase with age to take care of well being and to forestall social issues. Additionally they require a certain quantity of house at feeders and waterers.

Brooding Temperatures

Starting at at some point of age, the chick needs to be housed at a temperature between 87 – 92° F (30 – 33° C), at a relative humidity between 40 – 60%.  Care needs to be taken to forestall the chicks from being uncovered to drafts which may end in wind chill.

When the chick is one week of age the temperature might be decreased by 4° F (2° C).  Proceed decreasing the temperature till housing temperature of 70° F (21° C) is reached.

Remark of the birds in the course of the brooding interval can help you in offering probably the most fascinating temperatures.  Birds which are chilly will huddle collectively in a really tight group.  Ought to this situation exist the temperature must be elevated.

Chicks which are too sizzling will pant and seem drowsy.  Chicks which are comfy can be evenly dispersed throughout the cage and be energetic besides during times of relaxation.

Correct circumstances are mandatory for child poultry modifications in the course of the first weeks of life. Guarantee child poultry are dry and bedding supplies usually are not moist. Hypothermia as a result of moist circumstances is without doubt one of the most typical causes of child poultry deaths in small farms.

Poultry flock homeowners ought to try to observe the advised temperatures within the chart beneath by regulating warmth within the brooding unit. The temperatures needs to be measured on the outer fringe of the hover (a cover sort brooding unit/lamp) 4 to six inches (10.2 to fifteen.2 centimeters) above the ground.

Room temperature shouldn’t be over 75°F (23.9°C) in the course of the first few weeks. It’s advisable to maintain room temperature within the appropriate vary to encourage fast feathering of the chicks. If climate circumstances change exterior of the brooding unit, attend shortly to temperatures to see if changes should be made.

Age Brooding Temperature
0 to 1 week 93° to 95°F (33.9° to 35°C)
1 to 2 weeks 88° to 90°F (31.1° to 32.2°C)
2 to three weeks 83° to 85°F (28.3° to 29.4°C)
3 to 4 weeks 78° to 80°F (25.6° to 26.7°C)
4 to five weeks 75°F (23.9°C)
5 to six weeks 70°F (21.1°C)
6 weeks and over Consolation Zone 50° to 70°F (10° to 21.1°C)

Brood Lighting

Lighting for 1 day outdated birds ought to start at 20 – 22 hours per day for the primary two days at 10 lux (1ftc) depth.  Cut back day size weekly to achieve roughly 12 hours of sunshine at 8 weeks of age.

In synthetic brooding massive variety of child chicks are reared within the absence of broody hen.  Equipments used for brooding are known as brooders.

Brooder includes of three components:

    1. Heating supply
    2. Reflectors
    3. Brooder guard

Heating supply could also be electrical,  gases like pure fuel, LPG and methane, liquid gas like kerosene, stable gas like coal, wooden can be utilized as a heating materials.

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1) Charcoal range / kerosene range:

Charcoal stove

Charcoal range

The place electrical energy is just not out there, atypical charcoal / kerosene stoves are used to supply supplementary warmth to chicks.  These stoves are coated with plate / pans to dissipate the warmth.

2) Fuel brooder:

Gas brooder

Fuel brooder

Pure fuel, LPG or methane is related to heating aspect which is hanged 3 to five toes above the chick to supply warmth.

3) Electrical brooder:

Electrical brooder

Electrical brooder

Additionally it is thermostatically managed heating system that unfold required quantity of warmth uniformly above massive space, this keep away from crowding of chicks below brooder instantly.  One electrical brooder can be utilized for 300 to 400 chicks.

4) Infra-red bulbs:

Recommended Brooding Duration for Chicks with Temperature Requirement

Infra-red bulbs

It’s a self reflecting bulb.  One 250 watts IR bulb can present brooding for about 150 to 250 chicks.

5) Reflectors:

Light reflector

Gentle reflector

These reflectors are known as Hovers.  Flat sort hover – These hovers are supplied with heating aspect, heating mechanism and pilot lamp and in some circumstances thermometer can also be there as a way to document the temperature. Cover sort hover – These reflectors are in concave form consisting of atypical electrical bulb, thermostat mechanism and in some circumstances thermometer.

6) Brooder guard / chick guard

Brooder guard

Brooder guard

They’re used to forestall chicks from straying too distant from warmth provide till they study the supply of warmth.  Now we have to supply brooder guard with a diameter of 5 toes, peak of the brooder shouldn’t exceed 1.5 toes.

For this goal, we will use supplies like cardboard sheet, GI sheet, wire mesh, and mat and many others. relying upon the season of brooding.  Throughout winter season, brooding is completed for 5-6 days.  In summer season season it’s 2-3 weeks.


Recent water needs to be current when chicks are positioned within the cage.  Lixits or cups of water needs to be manipulated to stimulate consuming.  Water consumption will improve from .01 liters/chick/day at one week of age to .03 liters/chick/day at 4 weeks of age.

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Feed for at some point outdated birds needs to be withheld for the primary two hours to permit chicks to search out the water previous to consumption of dry feeds.  After the primary two hours of housing, feed might be made freely out there.  The feed needs to be a excessive protein starter ration with no less than 20% protein.

Consumption will improve from roughly 13 grams of feed/chick/day at one week of age to roughly 29 grams/chick/day at 4 weeks of age.

Poultry Chicks Brooding Temperature Chart

House Necessities for Poultry

Per Chicken

Sq. toes* of house Linear inches* of trough/100 birds
Weeks of Age Flooring Cage Feeder Waterer
Brooding 0-4 1/2 1/2 1 1/2 24
Rising 4-12 1 3/4 2 1/2 48
     Roasters 8-12 2 1 2 1/2 48
12-16 2 1 3 48
Replacements 8-12 2 1 3 48
12-21 2 1/2 – 3 1 4 60
     Leghorn sort 21+ 2 1/2 – 3 1 4 60
     Twin-purpose 21+ 3 – 3 1/2 1 4 60

Measurement of cage

Birds per cage

Typical laying cages
(depending on breed)

9 X 14 X 18
18 X 14 X 18
32 X 30 X 18

3 – 5

Per Chicken

Sq. toes* of house Linear inches* of trough/100 birds
Weeks of Age Flooring Cage Feeder Waterer
     Small sort 0-8 1 1 1/2 30
     Develop-out 8-18 2 1/2 3 60
     Giant sort 0-8 1 2 30
     Develop-out 8-18 2 1/2 3 60
     Hens 16-20 3 4 80
     Toms 16-24 5 4 80
Exterior Yards/Runs
                                                                                                                  Sq. Ft.
Chickens Mature 10
Turkeys Mature 20

*To transform to metrics, use these equivalents – 1 sq. foot = .083 sq. meter; 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

Word: This info is common info for leghorn chicks.  It’s endorsed that you just contact the breeder of the chicks being housed to find out the really useful necessities for the breed you’ll be utilizing.

Receiving of chicks

  • After culling the earlier grownup birds, clear and disinfect the poultry home.
  • 3 to 4 weeks interval could also be supplied between 2 batches as down tome.
  • Kind a circle of about 5 toes diameter with brooder guard. The 5 toes diameter brooder can maintain about 200 to 250 chicks.
  • On the centre of brooder guard, present any one in all warmth supply like IR bulb, atypical incandescent bulb or fuel brooders.
  • Unfold litter materials about 2” peak in a circle after which unfold outdated newspaper over the litter materials.
  • Organize feeders and waterers alternatively like cart-wheel style.
  • Verify the brooder for correct temperature 24 hours previous to arrival of chicks.
  • Change on the brooder heating supply a number of hours earlier than the arrival of the chicks as a way to preserve required brooding temperature.
  • Unfold floor maize or rava or tremendous mash / crumble feed on the outdated newspaper for 1 or 2 days.  Afterwards, they are going to study to eat feed from the feeder.
  • Present electrolyte, glucose and nutritional vitamins within the consuming water for first 2 to three days to beat stress.  After arrival of chicks, moist the beak and depart the chicks below heating supply.
  • Keep a brooder temperature of 90 to 950F for the primary week after which scale back 50F each week till it reaches the room temperature.
  • Watch the behaviour of chicks as a way to discover out whether or not temperature supplied is appropriate or much less or extra.  In case of an excessive amount of temperature, we will scale back the warmth by decreasing the facility of the bulb or we will elevate the heating aspect.  In case of too low temperature, we’ve to complement extra heating supply or we will additional down the heating aspect.  In case of chill climate or chill breeze, we will present curtains in the direction of the wind path.
  • Take away the outdated newspaper after 3 days and destroy it by burning.  If mandatory, unfold one other set of newspaper.
  • Take away brooder guard after 7 to 10 days relying upon the season.  Whereas eradicating the brooder guard, see that the corners of the sheds are rounded as a way to keep away from mortality as a result of huddling.
  • Change the feeders and waterers in response to age and requirement.
  • 24 hours lighting programme could also be adopted throughout 0-8 weeks of age.  One hour darkness could also be supplied to coach the chicks in case of any energy failure.
  • Medicine programme: First and Second day – Electrolytes and nutritional vitamins.  third to seventh day – Antibiotics.  (Different drugs as and when required).

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