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Recommended Feed Formula for Piglets (Baby Pigs)


Piglets in any other case known as Child pigs are the younger pigs or newly delivered pigs from a pregnant sow. Colostrum is essential for the survival of a piglet (younger pig or child pig), so vital to the extent {that a} piglet that doesn’t obtain sufficient colostrum quickly after delivery has very restricted probability of survival.

That is the rationale why for a piglet and its persevering with improvement, it’s essential to take up a minimum of 250-300 g of colostrum within the first 24 hours after delivery. Piglets are born with out functioning or totally developed immune methods. They get the primary antibodies from their mom’s colostrum, making it important for immune perform.

Feed high quality is a key aspect of piglet rearing and lays the muse for future progress and efficiency of the animal. The physiological necessities across the weaning interval are very particular, demanding extremely palatable rations that encourage feed consumption and due to this fact optimizing efficiency. Dietary calls for change shortly through the first 6 weeks of life. The standard and selection of components of starter feeds are essential.  

The parts should be extremely digestible and the nutrient and vitality focus in starter feeds should be excessive. The components should be freed from any contamination by micro organism, mycotoxins, and so forth.  

The usage of 2-3 starter feeds, beginning with creep feed as much as a starter feed for weaned piglets (relying on the system) are essential to help the animals in one of the simplest ways. 

Weaning is a time of great stress for the piglet. Its success relies on the situations below which it’s carried out (consolation, temperature, humidity, availability of water and feed). Feed consumption after weaning can be influenced by the amount beforehand consumed throughout suckling (Lactarine, Carélac and Mailac).

Controlling piglet weaning is essential and needs to be centered to regulate the next targets beneath:

1) Getting piglets to eat as quickly as potential after weaning to attenuate post-weaning lack of urge for food, accountable for digestive issues: enteric colibacillosis, oedema, under-consumption.

2) Securing digestion: Managed formulation, protein degree, digestibility of vitamins, ingesting water and feed acidification, pre- and pro-biotics, and so forth.

Profitable weaning relies on an acceptable pre-starter / first-stage program for an excellent begin to consumption and management of digestion.

Feed Formula for Piglets (Baby Pigs) and How to Feed Them
Piglets (Child pigs or Younger pigs)

First-stage feeds (Glutamix, Sevramix and Optimix programme) present transition from a milk weight loss program to a cereal-based weight loss program and optimise progress by controlling digestive difficulties.

2nd-stage feeds (Stantor, Mélior, and so forth.) promote progress and muscular build-up to develop carcass high quality.

Lactarine is a feed designed for the early weaning of supernumeraries.

Vitalac options for piglets can be found within the type of dietary supplements (10 to 50%) and full feeds.

The feeds you’ll produce for your piglets ought to be capable to present these specific wants:

  • Plant Proteins which can be genuinely purified and extremely digestible
  • Starch and sugars, vitality sources and urge for food stimulants
  • Sorbitol, a polyol, for its function in defending the liver
  • Soluble fibre, which aids digestion and helps to stop scouring

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Starter feeds may very well be any feed that helps the piglets in adolescence and assist to provide them an excellent begin.  

The 2 principal sorts of starter feeds are: 

  1. Feed for suckling piglets, also referred to as creep feeds or pre-starters 
  2. Feed for weaned piglets  

(1) Creep feed / pre-starter: Providing creep feed within the first week of life subsequent to the sow permits the piglets studying to eat strong feed. Feed consumption may be very low within the first two weeks of life, as milk makes up the vast majority of the weight loss program.  

(2) Feed for weaned piglets : In nature, sows wean piglets steadily over 12 weeks. In present manufacturing methods, piglets are weaned between day 21 and 28 of life. At this age, piglets are quite susceptible as a result of neither the immune system, nor the digestive system is totally developed.  

With a purpose to additional stabilize the intestine, weaner feeds ought to make use of the next feed components: 

1) Enzymes: Non-starch-polysaccharides (NSP) degrading enzymes cut back viscosity and improve the provision of vitamins within the digesta. Phytase degrades the phytic acid complexes and will increase the provision of phosphorus and likewise different vitamins. 

2) Acidifiers or Natural Acids: These assist to scale back the pH-value within the abdomen. This will increase protein degradation and likewise reduces the bacterial load within the digesta. 

3) Probiotics. Helpful micro organism stabilize the intestine microbiota, by rising the proportion of “good” micro organism to exclude pathogenic micro organism. 

4) Phytogenic feed components or botanicals: Consisting of plant-based substances e.g. important oils, these have a variety of various features, from rising feed consumption as a consequence of higher style, to rising protein digestibility and combating pathogens. 

5) Toxin binders: Mycotoxins and endotoxins can have detrimental results on well being and improvement of piglets. Avoiding these stress components provides rather a lot to protecting piglets wholesome throughout this susceptible section.

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Now going again to the feed system for your piglets, allow us to first briefly clarify the completely different raw-materials (Substances) that might be required / wanted in addition to their completely different makes use of and significance to the well being and progress of your piglets.

(1) Power sources – Maize, wheat, and sorghum represent the main vitality sources of most nursery diets around the globe. Barley and oat groats are additionally continuously used, whereas rye and triticale will not be very fashionable as a result of they’re wealthy in anti-nutritional components. Tapioca can be a superb vitality supply.

Rice, particularly damaged rice, is used primarily in Asia, however cooked rice is used worldwide in top quality diets. Cereal by-products, akin to these from the manufacturing of wheat flour or corn wet-milling are additionally utilized in diets for younger pigs however not in diets instantly following weaning, and at all times in restricted portions as a result of they have a tendency to extend bulkiness and thus depress feed consumption.

Oils are usually favored over animal fat for younger pigs as a result of they’re extra digestible. Thus, oils extracted from soybeans, maize, and sunflower are most continuously used through the first two weeks post-weaning, whereas animal fat, akin to lard, white grease, and tallow, are favored within the later phases of the nursery interval.

(2) Protein sources – Fish meal is a superb supply of protein for younger pigs, but value and availability continuously restrict its use. Different main animalderived protein sources embrace dairy proteins, poultry meal, meat meal, and blood merchandise (the place permitted). Blood plasma protein is a longtime ingredient in nursery diets as a result of its excessive content material in immunoglobulins results in improved progress efficiency.

At this time, plasma has been changed by the inexpensive egg-derived immunoglobulins, that additionally pose no danger of transmitting BSE and different illnesses. Widespread plant proteins embrace soybean meal, soybean protein (in early diets), wheat gluten, potato protein, peas, lupines, sunflower meal, faba beans, and lentils, relying on value and native availability.

Soybeans and most different plant protein sources are wealthy in anti-nutritional components and thus, warmth remedy is required to make these components appropriate for younger pigs. Unrefined plant proteins are continuously restricted within the first two weeks post-weaning to keep away from inflammatory reactions to antigenic proteins which can be often present in these components. However, previous the preliminary post-weaning section, plant protein sources provide the vast majority of amino acids in sensible diets for younger pigs.

(3) Development-promoting minerals – Copper sulphate and zinc oxide are properly established mineral salts that improve progress efficiency and cut back signs of diarrhea in post-weaned pigs.

As much as 3000 ppm zinc from zinc oxide, or much less from new types of potentiated zinc oxide, are continuously added in diets through the first couple weeks post-weaning to reinforce progress efficiency and cut back signs of diarrhoea.

Additionally, as much as 250 ppm copper from copper sulfate is really useful for the rest nursery interval, however this often drops to 125 ppm as a consequence of native rules. The impact of those mineral salts will not be additive, however their motion is additive to that of antimicrobial brokers, together with natural acids.

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The Feed Formula for Piglets

The next are pattern feed formulae to arrange the feed for pigs at numerous manufacturing levels utilizing a complete compounding amount of 1,000kg (1 ton).

(1) Pattern Pig Starter or Creep Feed Formula

Ingredient Amount (KG)
Maize 550 kg
Groundnut Cake (GNC) 140 kg
Brewers Dry Grains (BDG) 133 kg
Soybean Meal (SBM) 90 kg
Fish meal 50 kg
Bone meal 31 kg
Salt 2.5 kg
Methionine 1 kg
Pig Premix 2.5 kg
Complete 1,000 kg

(2) Pattern Pig Grower Feed Formula

Ingredient Amount (KG)
Maize 250 kg
Groundnut Cake (GNC) 80 kg
Cassava peels 100 kg
Brewers Dry Grains (BDG) 150 kg
Wheat Offal 274 kg
Soybean Meal (SBM) 50 kg
Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) 62 kg
Bone meal 28 kg
Salt 2.5 kg
Methionine 1 kg
Pig Premix 2.5 kg
Complete 1,000 kg

(3) Pattern Pig Fattener Feed Formula

Ingredient Amount (KG)
Maize 220 kg
Groundnut Cake (GNC) 30 kg
Cassava peels 100 kg
Brewers Dry Grains (BDG) 130 kg
Wheat Offal 274 kg
Maize Bran 50 kg
Soybean Meal (SBM) 20 kg
Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) 150 kg
Bone meal 20 kg
Salt 2.5 kg
Methionine 1 kg
Pig Premix 2.5 kg
Complete 1,000 kg

(4) Pattern Pig Breeder Feed Formula

Ingredient Amount (KG)
Maize 200 kg
Groundnut Cake (GNC) 30 kg
Cassava peels 100 kg
Brewers Dry Grains (BDG) 150 kg
Wheat Offal 299 kg
Maize bran 15 kg
Soybean Meal (SBM) 50 kg
Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) 120 kg
Bone meal 30 kg
Salt 2.5 kg
Methionine 1 kg
Pig Premix 2.5 kg
Complete 1,000 kg
Formulation Credit score

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How the Piglets Feed needs to be manufactured

In keeping with analysis, Feed preparation continues post-formulation when the feed should be truly manufactured. Right here, sure processes can improve the nutritive worth of piglet feeds and make them extra acceptable as nourishment.

Grinding – The diploma of fineness of components in diets for younger pigs has obtained appreciable consideration in scientific literature however not as a lot in business observe. It’s usually accepted {that a} finer particle measurement will increase the floor out there for enzymatic digestion ensuing, thus, in higher nutrient digestibility.

Typically, 1.3% enchancment in feed effectivity needs to be anticipated for every 100-micron discount in particle measurement. An accepted particle measurement for maize is about 600 microns. For soybean meal, a variety of 600 to 900 microns is taken into account ample.

Pellet high quality – Pelleting improves progress fee and feed effectivity by about 10% in nursery pigs as a consequence of improved nutrient ingestion (pellets are much less cumbersome than meal) and improved digestibility.

Pellet high quality is historically related to (index >90%) sturdiness. A sturdy pellet mustn’t essentially be a tough pellet as a result of efficiency could be depressed by as a lot as 10%-15% when pigs have bother chewing their feed. One other side of pellet high quality is measurement, and extra exactly diameter.

Analysis has indicated that piglets as younger as 14-21 days outdated can simply deal with any pellet measurement starting from 1 to 12 mm. Since wastage could also be extreme in pellets bigger than 3-4 mm, most business piglet diets have a mean pellet diameter of two mm.

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