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Reviving the Hay West program requires action now



In the early 2000s, Canadian farmers from the east helped out these in the west with hay provides, after the drought of 2002 left little or no for feed. Dubbed Hay West, the grassroots motion was revived 10 years later, when western Canadian farmers returned the favour for a lot of farmers in Ontario’s Ottawa Valley with Hay East.

Hay was moved by truck, was loaded on trains, and was distributed to these in want.

Now, in 2021, the west is tinder-dry and there’s already dialogue of a 30 per cent cow herd discount in a few of the hardest hit areas, as ranchers pencil out what they’ll efficiently feed over the winter. (See audio under with Saskatchewan rancher Sheldon Kyle)

There was some preliminary dialogue surrounding whether or not or not a Hay West motion will occur this fall and winter, however the time for action is now.

As the summer season progresses, there shall be fewer and fewer probabilities to place up additional hay in Ontario, whilst plentiful rains since June have led to some bumper hay crops. As Ryan Barrett, farmer and agronomist from PEI factors out, coordinating the motion of hay is one factor — however the hay needs to be made first.



The sell-off in some areas has already begun.

It’s crucial that Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic farmers with extra or the potential for extra hay, have a method of committing or delivering hay provides, maybe with a charitable donation receipt. Organizers will should be working with railways and trucking firms to safe area. There may be additionally the choice of cattle or sheep shifting east, too. For farmers with additional grass or wintering capability, help and experience ought to be made out there to assist create honest agreements that work for everybody.

Right here at RealAgriculture, we’re hopeful we are able to play a constructive function in serving to make this occur, if the will and need is there to take action. It’ll require provincial producer group involvement, nationwide coordination, logistics assist, and far power, but when anybody can do that, it’s Canadian ag.

We’ll proceed to make our calls and comply with developments, however in case you are concerned with making Hay West occur, please contact your provincial producer group and encourage action.



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