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Sask Wheat general manager announces retirement


Dr. Harvey Brooks, long-serving general manager of the Saskatchewan Wheat Improvement Fee (Sask Wheat), has introduced his retirement.

Brooks served because the general manager for Sask Wheat since 2014, and has seen the event of the group from start-up fee to its full operations as we speak.

Throughout Brooks’ tenure, Sask Wheat has matured into a significant analysis funder on behalf of Saskatchewan wheat producers and their full analysis portfolio has now reached $52 million of funding to facilitate greater than $200 million in 209 analysis initiatives.

“Harvey has been instrumental in carrying out the policy decisions of the Board of Directors of Sask Wheat. He has represented Saskatchewan wheat producers in important policy debates such as the Canadian Transportation Act review, and currently on the Canadian Grain Act Review,” says Brett Halstead, chair of Sask Wheat. “Harvey’s depth of experience in the grains industry and producer relations has been extremely important in representing Saskatchewan wheat producers’ interests during the periods of significant change.”

“Sask Wheat has been very fortunate to have Harvey as its general manager from our initial growth stage up to our current operations, which encompass research funding, agronomy extension, policy development and communications,” says Invoice Gehl, director at Sask Wheat director. “Harvey provided an experienced hand in developing a strong team at Sask Wheat that is implementing the vision and strategic direction of our producer-elected board of directors.”

Brooks was instrumental within the formation the Canadian Wheat Analysis Coalition (CWRC), and in having Sask Wheat tackle the administration of the Canadian Nationwide Wheat Cluster, which facilitates a $25 million collaborative analysis effort.

Additionally, throughout Brooks’ tenure, the CWRC assumed joint funding of the Core Wheat Breeding Agreements for Agriculture and Agri-Meals Canada and three Prairie universities, with an funding of roughly $34.6 million.

Brooks will stay with Sask Wheat till mid-October, 2021.


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