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Slowdown in sales of small tractors, but all other segments post strong numbers in May


A slowdown in the sales of under-40 hp models pulls complete U.S. complete farm tractor sales adverse, whereas all other segments and Canada proceed strong progress, in accordance with the most recent knowledge from the Affiliation of Tools Producers (AEM).

Complete farm tractor sales in the U.S. fell 3.9 per cent in May in comparison with 2020, marking the primary general adverse outcome in a 12 months. Self-propelled mix sales climbed a wholesome 33.2 per cent, whereas solely the under-40 hp phase noticed a decline in year-over-year sales, falling 8.9 per cent, sufficient to deliver a adverse outcome to complete farm tractor unit sales.

“While the sub-40 hp segment fell some this month, they’re still up a strong 26 per cent year-to-date,” says Curt Blades, senior vice chairman of ag companies at AEM. “That is slightly ahead of the overall farm tractor market, and, once again, over and above already-strong 2020 sales gains.”

In Canada, May month-to-month tractor and mix sales had been optimistic throughout all segments, with the most important progress in combines, up 165.9 per cent to 109 models bought, whereas complete farm tractor sales had been up 22.7 per cent to three,433 models bought.

4-wheel drive tractors lead the year-to-date numbers with a rise of 63.7 per cent. Tractors beneath 40 hp sit at 57 per cent, with 40 to <100 hp tractors and 100+ hp tractors every coming in at 38.5 per cent, year-to-date.



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