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Sollio Agriculture and Pursell team up on fertilizer coating plant


Sollio Agriculture, together with companions from its retail networks and Pursell, a coating expertise firm based mostly at Sylacauga, AL, have introduced plans for a three way partnership to construct and function a fertilizer coating plant at St. Thomas, Ont.

The brand new, $20 million plant can be devoted to the manufacturing of controlled-release fertilizers (CRFs).

The businesses expect to interrupt floor within the fall of 2021 and start working in August of 2022. It can produce CRFs leveraging Pursell’s coating supplies and proprietary processing strategies, as properly its patented expertise that permits the addition of micronutrients and temperature-sensitive components, resembling biologicals, development enhancers, and soil well being promoters.

Managed-release coatings can enhance plant uptake of vitamins, and have the potential to considerably enhance yield and high quality, whereas reducing greenhouse fuel emissions from volatilization and decreasing the danger of nutrient leaching and runoff, the corporate says.

“This partnership was made possible by the participation of many member cooperatives and retail joint ventures from our distribution networks across Eastern Canada. This collaborative effort with our retailers makes this innovative technology that has great potential for the farmers we serve widely available,” states Ghislain Gervais, president of Sollio Cooperative Group.

“We are delighted to be joining forces with Pursell to make the numerous economic and environmental benefits of its CRF technology available to Canadian farmers,” says Casper Kaastra, Sollio Agriculture CEO. “Local manufacturing reduces logistics expense to customers, provides ability to offer previously unavailable CRF products to this market and supports nutrient stewardship initiatives associated with the use of fertilizer products,” added Kaastra.

Pursell, which opened its flagship fertilizer coating plant at Sylacauga, Alabama, in early 2018, has additionally initiated plans to open one other plant at Savannah, Ga.

“Partnering with members of Sollio Cooperative Group to build a plant in St. Thomas is ideal. It’s located in close proximity to substrate and material suppliers and creates opportunities for retailers in the region to address the diverse nutrition needs of their customers in a predictable, prescriptive and profitable way,” says Nick Adamchak, Pursell CEO. “This first license of the Pursell Technology outside of the U.S. also enables us to move forward in further international licensing opportunities with our partners at Stamicarbon.”

The St. Thomas plant will produce upwards of 100,000 tonnes as soon as full capability has been reached.


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