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Sowing Guide for Different kind of Crops


A crop is a plant or plant product that may be grown and harvested for revenue or subsistence. By use, crops fall into six classes: meals crops, feed crops, fiber crops, oil crops, decorative crops, and industrial crops.

Each crop farmer should be conscious of the specie he/she desires to domesticate, the common quantity of seeds, the amount for sowing per hectare and the crop density (Quantity of crops per hectare). This can assist the farmer perceive what his or her expectations are from the crops to be planted.

Under is a complete sowing information for differing kinds of crops based on their specie, common quantity of seeds (grams), amount required for sowing (in kilogram) and the crop density i.e. quantity of required crops per hectare.

Species Common Quantity of Seeds (Gram) Amount for Sowing Per Hectare (in Kg) Crop Density


(Quantity of crops per hectare)

Amaranth 3,000-5,000 0.4 600,000-1,000,000
Bean 4-7 60-80 300,000-400, 000
Yard Lengthy Bean 6-8 40-50 100,000-150,000
Beet 50-70 8-12 500,000-700,000
Broccoli 250-300 0.3 25,000-60,000
Cabbage 250-300 0.3 20,000-60,000
Cauliflower 250-350 0.3-0.4 25,000
Chinese language Cabbage (Headed) 300-350 0.3-0.4 50,000
Chinese language Cabbage (Free Headed) 300-350 0.5-0.6 63,000
Carrot 800-1,200 2-4 1,800,000-2,000,000
Celeri 2,500-2,800 0.2-0.3 40,000-60,000
Chicory 500-600 0.3-0.5 45,000-90,000
Cucumber 30-35 0.6-0.8 15,000
Egg plant (African) 200-250 0.2-0.4 15,000-20,000
Egg plant (European) 200-250 0.2-0.4 15,000-20,000
Leek 350-400 4-5 2.5-3 250,000-300,000
Lettuce 800-1,000 0.5-0.7 90,000-150,000
Melon 30-37 1-1.5 0.5-0.8 9,000-10,000
Okra 15-20 4-6 50,000-100,000
Onion 250-350 5-6 4-5 800,000-1,000,000
Papaya 12-18 0.25-0.3 1,500-1,600
Parsley 600-700 3-3.5 600,000-1,200,000
Pea 3-6 150-180 600,000-700,000
Pepper Annum 150-200 0.5-0.7 24,000-26,000
Pepper Chinese language 250-300 0.4-0.6 15,000-17,000
Radish (Chinese language) 70-80 3-5 200,000-300,000
Radish (European) 100-200 45-55 4,000,000-6,000,000
Squash 6-8 4-5 3-3.5 20,000
Candy Corn 6-8 20-30 60,000-70,000
Tomato 250-300 0.25-0.4 25,000-30,000
Turnip 400-600 2-3 600,000-800,000
Watermelon 25-35 2-2.5 0.8-1.2 8,000-15,000

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Meals crops, comparable to fruit and greens, are harvested for human consumption. Grains, comparable to corn, wheat, and rice, are the world’s hottest meals crops.

Meals crops have been the primary crops to be harvested by agriculture. Agricultural growth and the expansion of civilizations led to the variety of different varieties of crops.

Feed Crops

Feed crops, comparable to oats and alfalfa, are harvested for livestock consumption. These crops include vitamins that animals have to develop. They’re grown in agricultural fields however will also be present in pure meadows and pastures.

Forage crops are vital for livestock farming. Animals feed immediately on forages, comparable to grasses. Forages which can be lower and fed to livestock whereas they’re nonetheless recent are known as inexperienced chop. Alfalfa is a well-liked crop fed to livestock as inexperienced chop.

Some forages are lower, allowed to dry within the area, and saved. These are known as hay crops. 

One other kind of forage crop is silage. Silage crops are harvested, then saved underneath situations that permit the forage to interrupt down (ferment) into acids. The moist, acidic silage is fed to livestock comparable to cattle.

Precept feed crops embody corn, barley, wheat, and oats. Every of these crops has completely different properties which can be higher suited for some animals’ diets over others. Barley, which is tougher to digest, is most frequently fed to beef and dairy cattle as a result of they’ve a troublesome, four-chambered abdomen. Hull-less barley, which is simpler to digest, is fed to swine and poultry.

The manufacturing of feed crops has risen dramatically with elevated demand for meat worldwide. Elevated manufacturing of feed crops has modified the agricultural panorama.

The Meals and Agriculture Group (FAO) says 33 % of arable land on Earth is used to provide meals for livestock. This limits the manufacturing of crops for human consumption, particularly for the world’s poorest individuals. 

Forests have been cleared to create pastures the place livestock can graze. Virtually 70 % of land cleared from the Amazon rainforest, for occasion, has been turned over to grazing.

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Fiber Crops

Fiber crops, comparable to cotton and hemp, are harvested for textile and paper merchandise. Textiles, or fabric, are comprised of the dried and processed fibers of sure crops. Most fibers used to make textiles are taken from the stem or roots of crops comparable to flax. Flax is used to make linen.

Different elements of a plant may be harvested for fiber. Cotton, the most well-liked fiber crop on this planet, is harvested from the sunshine, fluffy “boll” of fiber that surrounds the plant’s seeds. Textiles comprised of bamboo are manufactured from the pulp of bamboo crops.

Pulp from different fiber crops can be utilized in a spread of merchandise. Fiber pulp could also be used as a substitute of wooden pulp to fabricate paper merchandise.

The hemp plant is an attention-grabbing and controversial instance of a fiber crop. The fibers of the hemp plant are robust and sturdy, excellent for merchandise comparable to paper, textiles, ropes, nets, and sailcloth for ships. Hemp advocates see the plant as a flexible and ecological supply of fiber. 

However some varieties of the hemp plant are used to make marijuana, a psychoactive drug. Marijuana is against the law to develop and use in lots of elements of america. (The drug is legally grown and offered for medical or recrecational use in some locations.) Opponents of hemp argue that elevated harvesting of hemp crops will result in elevated manufacturing and use of marijuana.

Sowing Guide for Different kind of Crops

Oil Crops

Oil crops, comparable to canola and corn, are harvested for consumption or industrial makes use of. Applied sciences developed up to now century have enabled crops to be processed and damaged down into their major elements, together with oil. Soybeans, for instance, represented 61 % of world oilseed manufacturing and 79 % of all edible oil consumed in america in 2000.

Oil crops are harvested for use in cooking, comparable to olive oil and corn oil. Oil crops are additionally harvested for industrial use, comparable to oil paints, soaps, and lubrication for equipment.

Gas comprised of oil crops is named biofuel. The demand for biofuels has grown lately. Rising fuel costs, considerations about international warming, and a want for vitality self-sufficiency have led governments and companies to spend money on biofuel analysis.

There are two principal varieties of biofuel that use oil crops: bioethanol and biodiesel.

Bioethanol is an alcohol comprised of fermented supplies that come from sugar and starch crops. These crops embody sugar cane, corn, and wheat. Bioethanol can be utilized as a gas for autos, however it’s often used as a gasoline additive to enhance car emissions. Bioethanol is used extensively in america and Brazil, the place an abundance of corn and sugar cane crops facilitate its manufacturing.

Biodiesel is made by combining vegetable oils with alcohol. Nuts, comparable to coconuts, macadamias, and pecans, are glorious sources of oil used to fabricate biodiesel. Biodiesel can be utilized in diesel engines, comparable to these utilized by buses. Brazil, america, and the European Union (notably Germany) manufacture and use biodiesel on a big scale.

Biofuels present virtually three % of the world’s transport gas. Many scientists and economists predict that quantity will rise as oil manufacturing decreases within the subsequent century.

Decorative Crops

Decorative crops, comparable to dogwood and azalea, are harvested for panorama gardening. Decorative crops are most frequently grown in nurseries, the place they’re bought for residential or business settings.

Decorative crop manufacturing has deep historic roots. The tulip crop of the Netherlands, for instance, has change into a logo of that nation.

Right now, decorative crop manufacturing is a vital financial exercise in lots of growing nations. Kenya, for instance, is a significant exporter of roses and carnations. Kenyan flower growers have located their greenhouses close to the shores of Lake Naivasha and Lake Victoria, the place the soil is fertile and the water is plentiful and recent.

Kenya’s big flower operations, nonetheless, are having a unfavorable affect on lake ecosystems. Growers irrigate their flowers with lake water, dramatically reducing provides of freshwater accessible for consumption and hygiene. Growers additionally apply heavy quantities of fertilizers and pesticides so their flowers can keep their magnificence all through the export course of. These chemical compounds typically runoff into the lakes, endangering aquatic animal and plants.

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Industrial Crops

Industrial crops, comparable to rubber and tobacco, are harvested for their merchandise’ use in factories or machines. Industrial crops embody all crops used within the manufacturing of industrial items, comparable to fiber and gas merchandise.

Rubber is produced naturally from all kinds of crops, however predominantly from the Hevea tree indigenous to the Amazon area. Rubber is harvested for its latex. Latex is a particularly powerful fluid discovered within the interior bark of the Hevea tree. Latex is obtained by tapping—chopping or shaving the bark with a pointy knife and amassing the latex in cups.

When combined with chemical compounds, latex creates stable rubber blobs, known as curds. Rubber curds are pressed between rollers to take away extra moisture and to type sheets. The sheets are packed and shipped for use in tires, machine belts, shoe soles, and different merchandise.

Rubber has been utilized by civilizations for hundreds of years. One of the earliest makes use of of rubber was to create balls for use in video games within the Olmec Empire in what’s at the moment Mexico. Right now, rubber remains to be used to fabricate sturdy toys, in addition to boots, flooring, balloons, and medical provides.

Hevea bushes transplanted to southern Asia now produce most of the world’s rubber. The nations with the biggest rubber crops are Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Industrialization world wide has elevated the worldwide demand for rubber. Excessive demand for pure rubber has elevated the environmental degradation of forests in southern Asia.

Harvesting Crops

Strategies for rising and harvesting crops have developed over hundreds of years. The earliest crops have been grown in Mesopotamia round 5500 B.C.E. These crops, indigenous to an agriculturally wealthy space known as the Fertile Crescent, have been grown close to native sources of freshwater so that they may very well be irrigated comparatively simply. Wheat, barley, and figs have been among the many first crops.

The event of agriculture led to extra refined strategies of harvesting crops. Crop rotation was probably the most vital innovation. In crop rotation, one crop is planted one 12 months, then a distinct crop is planted the subsequent 12 months on the identical land. This helps protect the soil and cut back the possibility for illness.

Crop rotation and fertilization, which makes soil extra productive, allowed farmers to develop extra crops on much less land. These improvements additionally allowed crops to be grown in areas the place they may not develop naturally.

Improved engineering allowed rivers to be dammed and diverted to supply water for crops. All of these developments elevated the abundance of crops, which may very well be used for commerce and industrial use.

Right now, agriculture is the biggest trade on this planet. Tens of millions of individuals harvest crops for subsistence or enterprise functions. Some instruments used to reap crops haven’t modified in a thousand years—plows, rakes, sickles. Most of all, harvesting crops nonetheless depends on human labor.

The instruments and equipment used to reap crops have grown far more complicated and costly, nonetheless. Fertilizers, which many farmers should be economically aggressive, price greater than many farmers within the growing world can afford. Equipment, comparable to tractors and plows, can price a whole bunch of hundreds of {dollars}.


Genetically modified organisms (GMOs or GM meals) are widespread all through the developed world. Biotechnology permits scientists to change the DNA of microbes, crops, and animals. Companies promote farmers genetically modified seeds.

With these seeds, farmers can use poisonous chemical compounds with out harming the crop. Farmers who develop GM meals improve manufacturing with much less labor and fewer land. Greens and fruits last more and are much less prone to bruise.

The heavy reliance on chemical compounds has disturbed the pure surroundings, nonetheless. Useful species of animals could also be killed together with dangerous ones. Chemical use may pose a well being hazard to individuals, particularly by runoff coming into native aquifers and different water provides. Critics argue that GM meals have much less dietary worth and reduce biodiversity.

Natural and free-range meals industries have grown in opposition to industrial farming. Agricultural scientists are trying for safer chemical compounds to make use of as fertilizers and pesticides. Some farmers use pure controls and rely much less on chemical compounds.

Seed Banks

In an effort to protect biodiversity, seed banks have been created world wide to retailer seed samples. Seed banks might concentrate on a selected crop or within the crops of a area. The Worldwide Potato Heart, primarily based in Lima, Peru, homes 150 wild potato species and different tubers of Andean origin.

Native Seeds, based within the southwestern United States, helps Native Individuals find seeds for rising conventional crops, comparable to orach, or “mountain spinach,” and amaranth, as soon as extensively used for meals and fiber in Mexico.

The Svalbard International Seed Vault, the world’s most various seed financial institution, was established in 2008. The Norwegian authorities constructed the Seed Vault into the facet of a permafrost-covered mountain on the island of Spitsbergen, half of the Svalbard archipelago about 1,030 kilometers (620 miles) from the North Pole.

The vault is designed to securely retailer the seeds of a whole bunch of hundreds of plant varieties from crops grown all through the globe. The Seed Vault provides “fail-safe” safety for the world’s agricultural inheritance towards any pure, social, or financial catastrophe.

Right now, the Seed Vault shops about a million seed samples. It has the capability to carry 4.5 million samples.

Crops have all kinds of makes use of and are an integral half of our existence and growth. Whereas developments in crop science and know-how have elevated the manufacturing of some of our most simple foodstuffs, additionally they have had wide-ranging impacts on the surroundings.

The manufacturing of crops doesn’t need to hurt the surroundings. By defending the land, water, and air, and by sharing data and sources, individuals might discover options for the issues of world starvation and international vitality scarcities by the sustainable use of crops.

Listed here are some wonderful crop manufacturing books to information and help you additional:


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