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Soybean farmer uses technology to improve efficiency and save money


Riley Weaver, a soybean and corn farmer in Glen Allen, Miss., says technology has been an enormous assist in streamlining farming for the fourth-generation household farm. Regardless of the specter of hurricane season in 2020, the soybean crop was harvested well timed and had first rate yields. 

“I officially joined my father to farm the family farm about two years ago with this being my second season,” Weaver mentioned. “My family has been farming since my great granddad. Now, we farm corn and soybeans, as well as a winter cover crop that is a mixture of wheat, cereal rye, and radishes, which, along with chopping corn heads with a high-speed disk, helps us in our soil conservation efforts.” 

Technology: Saving time, money 

Fourth-generation farmer, Riley Weaver, farms soybean and corn in Glen Allen, Miss., alongside together with his father. Thanks to farming technology, they will save some on seed, fertilizer, and even spray functions.

Technology performs an necessary function within the farm operation. 

“Technology makes a night and day difference, in my opinion,” Weaver mentioned. “Variable rate seed and fertilizer application saves us money by being so precise. You don’t have to put out so much of each to cover the entire field. Now, we’re only putting out what we need, where we need it. It makes all the difference in the world to us. It saves us a significant amount across the board on everything from seed, to fertilizer, and even on spray applications. Anywhere we can save a few dollars goes a long way for us.” 

In addition to variable fee seed and fertilizer utility, GPS tractors and different software program developments have additionally helped save time and sources. 

“Pipe Planner is a software that has helped us increase our savings on fuel and electricity to run our irrigation wells,” he mentioned. “The software takes in all of your irrigation information and helps you manage your watering more efficiently. With volume control and automated well timers, irrigation advancements have come a very long way in the last few years. The main limit to the advancements in farming technology is what you can afford.” 

2020 harvest season 

JM-dfp-adismukes-soybeans-at-harvest.jpgThe Weavers rounded up their corn harvest well timed and completed soybean harvest by early October. 

Thankfully, Weaver’s farm did not expertise any harm throughout hurricane season, and he was ready to harvest all his crops in a well timed method. 

“The harvest season went well overall,” he mentioned. “Luckily, we dodged some bad weather we were supposed to get, and it was relatively dry. All in all, it was a typical harvest year.” 

One of many greatest challenges in 2020 was the markets. 

“Corn and soybean prices rebounded a little bit in the fall,” Weaver mentioned. “A challenge earlier in the year was the wet planting season. We didn’t get off to the best start, and yields could have been a little better, but they also could have been worse all things considered.” 

Weaver completed harvesting corn in September and soybeans in October. 

“We managed to miss almost all the adverse weather that was forecasted. Maybe 100 acres got rained on that didn’t need any rain, but we were lucky to have mostly good harvest conditions.” 

After harvest, fieldwork was accomplished adopted by planting a combination of canopy crops. 

“We planted wheat, cereal rye, and radishes on some of our sandy ground. We mostly plant cover crops as needed depending on what we are planting the next year. If we’re doing corn on some sandy ground, we will plant a cover crop, so it will hold a row better.” 

Dicamba ruling 

Weaver, like many farmers, was a bit involved about holding on to an necessary piece of weed administration technology. 

In June 2020, the Ninth Circuit Courtroom of Appeals dominated to vacate registrations of the dicamba merchandise Xtendimax, Engenia, and FeXapan. The results of the ruling raised considerations about herbicide choices obtainable to management herbicide-resistant weeds, in addition to what the monetary impact is likely to be on the household farm. 

“The Ninth Circuit Court’s ruling about dicamba threw us a bit of a curveball since we had to have it all used by the specified date under the ruling’s orders,” Weaver mentioned. “The choice wasn’t a shock, nevertheless it wasn’t enjoyable to cope with. We like to use dicamba to assist management pigweeds, that are an issue on our farm in addition to morningglories, however we’ll handle till they make a remaining ruling on it. Dicamba is a strong device. It does nice after we can use it, and after we cannot, it reveals within the fields. 

“There are very few alternatives to dicamba, but you would be hard-pressed to find something that works as good as it does across all weeds. Pigweeds, in particular, are hard to kill.” 

Fortunately, in October, the Environmental Safety Company (EPA) introduced the registration for 3 dicamba pesticides for a further 5 years, the 2021-2025 rising season. 

“There are some new label requirements with the registration,” Weaver mentioned, “but we are excited that for the foreseeable future we can use Dicamba for the next five years, which will help us out considerably.” 


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