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Squirrels have long memory for problem solving


Squirrels can bear in mind problem-solving methods for long durations and might apply them to new conditions, researchers have found.

College of Exeter scientists discovered gray squirrels rapidly remembered the right way to remedy a problem they’d not seen for virtually two years. The squirrels additionally rapidly labored out the right way to use these expertise in a redesigned model of the take a look at. 

“This might be why grey squirrels can survive very well in towns and cities,” mentioned Dr Pizza Ka Yee Chow, of Exeter’s Centre for Analysis in Animal Behaviour. “For example, they’re very good at getting food from bird feeders.

“People may try different types of bird feeders to keep the squirrels away, but this research shows grey squirrels can not only remember tricks for getting food but can apply those skills in new situations.”

Within the research, 5 squirrels got a activity similar to 1 they’d tried 22 months earlier, by which they needed to press levers to get hazelnuts. 

In that first expertise, the squirrels improved with observe taking a median of eight seconds on their first try and simply two seconds by the ultimate time they tried it.

Making an attempt once more for the primary time in 22 months, they took a median of simply three seconds to get a hazelnut.

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Gray squirrels are identified to have good long-term memory they’re “scatter-hoarders,” amassing and hiding 1000’s of nuts each autumn. “Previous research at Exeter has shown that their memory for the locations of hidden nuts is excellent,” mentioned co-author Professor Stephen Lea, of the College of Exeter.

However the brand new analysis demonstrates a “very different form of memory,” mentioned co-author Dr Théo Robert, additionally of the College of Exeter. “This is not just remembering where things have been left, it shows they can recall techniques which they have not used for a long time,” he mentioned.

“It’s also different from what we see in the wild because they’re remembering things for longer than the few months of memory needed to find hidden food.”

When introduced with a model of the duty that appeared completely different however required the identical method to get hazelnuts, the squirrels confirmed a “neophobic” (worry of stories issues) response — hesitating for greater than 20 seconds on common earlier than beginning the duty.

However as soon as they began it took them simply two seconds on common to get a hazelnut, exhibiting that they have been capable of recall and apply the method they realized within the earlier type of the problem.

The paper, printed within the journal Animal Cognition, is entitled: “How to stay perfect: The role of memory and behavioral traits in an experienced problem and a similar problem.”

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