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SWM winding down flax straw processing in Manitoba


Flax growers in Western Canada and North Dakota who’ve traditionally offered straw to Schweitzer-Mauduit Worldwide (SWM) at the moment are scrambling to discover a marketplace for their straw.

The Georgia-based firm, which has processing services at Winkler and Carman, Manitoba, is planning to stop its flax straw operations by the tip of 2021. Because of this, a number of sources say SWM is utilizing up present stock at its Carman processing mill and isn’t shopping for straw from the 2021 flax crop.

In line with the corporate, operations in Winkler and Carman had been devoted to creating flax tow for cigarette paper manufacturing at SWM’s facility in Spotswood, New Jersey.

Nonetheless, the Spotswood plant was closed in late 2020 after a “key customer” determined to supply its product elsewhere, says a SWM spokesperson in an electronic mail to RealAgriculture.

“Although SWM pursued alternative business models that would allow us to continue to operate our Winkler facility, we were unable to find an option that could successfully sustain our operation,” the corporate says, noting it has owned and operated the Winkler facility since 1985.

In 2010, SWM obtained $635 thousand in federal and provincial authorities funding for a $1.12 million enlargement venture in Manitoba. On the time, the corporate mentioned it was aiming to diversify and develop demand for flax straw in horse bedding, soil erosion management, biofuel, and as an ingredient in composites and different historically petroleum-based merchandise.

With the unplanned loss in demand, it’s doable growers will resort to burning flax straw. Info on Manitoba’s guidelines and burning program may be discovered right here.


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