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Systems of Crop Production


Below the rising of crops, there are completely different methods of crop manufacturing by which crops might be cultivated that are often practiced by farmers, Systems of crop manufacturing or Cropping methods fluctuate amongst farms relying on the obtainable sources and constraints; geography and local weather of the farm; authorities coverage; financial, social and political pressures; and the philosophy and tradition of the farmer.

Necessary classes of crops embody cereals and pseudo-cereals, pulses (legumes), forage, and fruit and veggies. Particular crops are cultivated in distinct rising areas all through the world. The most typical methods practiced embody:

Mono-cropping (sole cropping)

That is the method of the act of rising completely one sort of annual crop and harvesting it earlier than planting one other on the identical piece of land.

A farmer planting the identical sort of crop

This technique of farming is at all times dangerous as a result of the farmer will in some way be uncovered to the hazard of poor harvest within the case of antagonistic weather conditions or invasion of pests and ailments; and he must rely upon the opposite farmers for different meals which he doesn’t produce.

Monoculture as Systems of Crop Production

Systems of Crop Production
A farmland of Yam plantation alone.

Monoculture means the method of rising the identical crop on the identical piece of land from 12 months to 12 months. This technique could also be relevant to annual crops reminiscent of yam, cassava, cocoyam and maize and perennial crops reminiscent of cocoa, rubber and oil palm.

This kind of cropping system will not be a very good system for dry land annual crops as a result of reality the after some years the crops will diminish as a result of the identical vitamins will probably be frequently faraway from the identical depth of soil by the crops which at all times result in soil exhaustion, the destruction of the soil construction and probably soil erosion.

It additionally exposes the farmer to nice danger within the instances of antagonistic weather conditions or an assault by pests and illness. Apart from that drawback, it additionally encourages specialization in sure crops that might result in higher manufacturing each in high quality and in amount.

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Blended cropping as Systems of Crop Production

Systems of Crop Production
A farmland made up of Plantain and Backyard egg on the identical piece of farmland.

That is the method of rising or the cultivation of a couple of sort of crop on a bit of land on the similar time. Yams and guinea corn might be grown on this manner, millet and guinea corn, yams and okro and peppers, and cocoa and bananas.

Significance of combined cropping

  1. Blended cropping is an efficient system on account of its skill to make very efficient use of the obtainable soil vitamins throughout a rising season.
  2. The deep-rooted crops will take in the vitamins which might have been misplaced to the shallow-rooted crops.
  3. Fibrous-rooted crops maintain the soil items collectively and forestall the soil from soil erosion.
  4. Within the instances the place legumes are included, these will increase the nitrogen standing of the soil.
  5. Insect pests and ailments can not unfold so rapidly as when solely a single crop is grown as a result of all of the crops are very shut collectively.

Drawback of combined cropping

  1. The drawback is that younger crops could also be trampled underfoot throughout harvesting of older crops.
  2. The use of mechanical harvester might not be attainable.

Blended farming

The mixing or mixing of animal manufacturing and crop manufacturing is described as combined farming. By this methodology, the farmer might be positive of a daily earnings all year long and he can feed his animals: cattle, pigs, chickens along with his farm crops particularly on the occasions when such crops are attracting low costs out there so his produce will at all times be utilized.

Earlier than agriculture through the olden days, all human beings had been hunters, gatherers or fishers. Even in the present day some communities are occupied in searching and gathering. Now agriculture is practiced virtually everywhere in the world. The main agricultural varieties are mentioned right here:

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Crop rotation

Crop rotation is a course of of farming the identical piece of land yearly in such a method that the crops comply with in a particular order or cycle deliberate as a way to restore vitamins faraway from the soil.

Completely different crops require completely different quantities of plant meals. Some crops require many vitamins and they’re often known as exhaustive crops e.g. maize, yam, and cassava. Others use much less e.g. greens reminiscent of tomatoes and pumpkin. Others can truly add vitamins to the soil e.g. legumes. Yearly, a distinct sort of crop is planted as a way to stop plant meals changing into exhausted.

Steady cropping

That is the kind of farming system that’s being practiced in densely populated areas the place there isn’t a enough land; it due to this fact includes placing a bit of land underneath cultivation from 12 months to 12 months. The crops planted could both be annual, biannual or perennial crops.

Steady cropping typically results in soil exhaustion, erosion and low productiveness however is might be effectively organized in a crop rotation system.

Shifting Cultivation

Systems of Crop Production
Plantain on one facet of the farmland whereas the opposite half is being ready for an additional crop.

Shifting cultivation is the kind of farming the place a sure land space is getting used for cultivation for few years after which the land will probably be deserted and a brand new plot or portion of land is being cleared for the subsequent farming. This can be a subsistence sort of farming which is completed manually with out a lot use of animal energy or different varieties of energy and it’s the subsistence sort of exercise adopted by the individuals residing within the tropical forest areas with their main emphasis on grain crops.

All these strategies are utilized by the farmers to domesticate their crops relying on the supply of land, weather conditions, labor, capital and the kind of crops to be cultivated.

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