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Taking the Guessing Out of Decision Making for 20 Years


Precision farming isn’t about spending limitless hours crunching numbers and analyzing information. It’s about answering questions that may make you extra worthwhile. For this reason, SMS software program was created. For over 20 years, SMS has been proving itself as an easy-to-use decision-making device to assist farmers seize the most out of each acre.

Stuart Lawrence, a fourth-generation farmer from West-Central Saskatchewan, isn’t any exception. He depends closely on SMS to assist him make knowledgeable determination on his small grains operation. With over 14 years of expertise with the program he has been counting on it to make him extra worthwhile in each subject utility.

Information to Maximize Inputs

“Decisions made without data are guesses,” Lawrence mentioned. “My philosophy with farm administration is to cease guessing. I’ve realized that I’ve made selections not primarily based on information, however on feelings – and after I make selections primarily based on emotion, they are often fairly flawed.

For instance, once you see commodity costs are down, however fertilizer costs aren’t – emotionally I wish to in the reduction of on fertilizer. Nonetheless, I take a look at my information in SMS and know I must go forward with the greatest price for my crop.”

Stuart is ready to decide the excellent fertilizer price for his operation by utilizing SMS Superior’s a number of layer question device. On his operation he applies zero nitrogen in a one-acre block and varies the fertilizer charges on the relaxation of his subject. After harvest he’ll then use the question device to layer the fertilizer utility over the yield map. He cuts by the information to find out how his yield was affected by zero nitrogen and what his optimum price was. “I use the zero-nitrogen approach in my zones, so I can see what my nitrogen response is on my farm with my varieties,” Stuart mentioned.


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