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The Best Source of Water for Fishes in Concrete Ponds


Most fish farmers typically need to know what supply of water that’s greatest for the fish in a concrete pond. Effectively any supply of water (rain, properly, faucet, borehole and many others.) is sweet for your fishes so long as they’re free of chemical compounds and microbes.

Which means the water for use shouldn’t be handled with any chemical as a result of the chemical can kill the fish and microbes can even introduce ailments to the fish pond.

Widespread Fish Water Administration Methods in Aquaculture

There are a minimum of three varieties of water administration system out there for catfish farming particularly;

  • Re-circulatory System
  • Circulate-through System
  • Stagnant-pond System

Re-circulatory system, in catfish manufacturing, is made up of shut or partially-close system of indoor water administration methods the place used water is handled for re-use in catfish farming. Used water is handled for chemical, gaseous, organic and stable waste earlier than re-use.

Water is handled by totally different methods and equipments to make sure wholesome aquatic setting for catfish manufacturing. Additionally, the system controls pH and water temperature to make sure a conducive setting for fish progress.

Usually, re-circulatory system is made up of fish upkeep tank and composite system. A whole re-circulatory system could comprise the next; Tank, display/sand filter, filters, aerators/oxygen pumping machine, submerged heater/chillers/warmth exchanger, linking pipes.

Deserves of Re-circulatory System

  • It promotes effectivity of water administration by making certain restricted water useful resource is judiciously used.
  • It ensures economic system of land as a result of of its excessive density stocking functionality.
  • It’s environmental-friendly. Used water is handled earlier than being launched into the setting.
  • Managed manufacturing setting scale back to barest minimal sure infections.
  • Encourages mass manufacturing of catfish per space of land.
  • Will increase survival charge and ensures low mortality as a consequence of decreased danger of ailments.
  • Secure setting for optimum progress.

De-merit of Re-circulatory System

  • Costly to arrange.
  • Excessive value of upkeep.
  • Can solely be dealt with by skilled manpower.
  • Excessive value of operation.
  • Breakdown in any half of the system will have an effect on the complete system.
  • Can’t be operated in absence of electrical energy.

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Circulate- via System is water administration system in fish farming in which water is allowed into the pond via an inlet pipe(s) and used water is launched into water physique to maintain the pond refreshed.

Generally, water coming into the pond could also be handled or will not be handled. The essential motive for establishing this technique is to restrict water air pollution and its results. The place there isn’t any a lot water, used water from the ponds is re-used by permitting it to quiet down in settlement dam/tank.

Circulate-through system may very well be intensive, semi-intensive or intensive system. Pond working flow-through system is rigorously constructed in such a method that recent water is allowed into the pond both via pipe community or concrete raceway.

In earthen ponds, flow-through system could be operated manually by linking the supply of water (stream, river, dam, and many others.) to a receiving pond from the place different ponds get their share of water. The used water is launched via the final pond in the row.

Nevertheless, this won’t be possible in concrete ponds. Most frequently, supply of water to concrete pond is generally greater than the extent of the pond. This can allow water to circulation from the supply into the pond with none assist of electrical energy.

Advantage of Circulate-through System

  • Easy to arrange.
  • Low setup value.
  • Straightforward to keep up.
  • Low value of upkeep.
  • Might not want electrical energy to function.
  • Will be dealt with by individuals of little or no coaching.

Demerit of Circulate-through System

  • Can solely be environment friendly the place water is accessible in good amount.
  • The place inlet water shouldn’t be handled, an infection can discover its approach to the pond.
  • Not efficient in dry season.
  • Water could be polluted via the supplying supply.
  • Pipes could be blocked by unscreened particles.
  • It may very well be on the danger of flood when influx of water shouldn’t be managed throughout rain.
  • Temperature of the pond is dependent upon setting situation.

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Pond/Stand-Nonetheless System is a static system of water administration the place pond water isn’t refreshed via exterior supply. It’s typically used the place there isn’t any steady floor water to refresh the pond.

Nevertheless, farmer should be positive of the water retention potential of such an space. After pond preparation, pond is full of water both mechanically or naturally recharged via floor water for manufacturing of fish for a season.

Ponds below this technique are under-stocked or reasonably stocked to make sure fishes are raised for the entire season with out a lot water administration challenges.

On the time of harvest, pond water could also be fully drained by the use of pumping machine or lease pipe. The place farmer shouldn’t be positive of the recharging energy of the bottom water, pond is poisoned to retain the water for one other season manufacturing.

Advantage of Pond System of Water Administration

  • Inexpensive to keep up.
  • Much less prone to be affected by exterior illness/ an infection.
  • Straightforward to handle and keep.
  • Much less prone to be affected by flood.
  • Can be utilized in absence of floor water.

Demerit of Pond System of Water Administration

  • Can’t be used for excessive density manufacturing.
  • The complete inventory could be misplaced in case of illness outbreak.
  • When reasonably/overstocked, fishes could not attain their progress potential.
  • Giant area of land is required for manufacturing.

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