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The Best Times to Raise each Type of Bird in Nigeria

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Birds like Broilers and Cockerels must be higher focused in direction of festive intervals like: Ramadan, Christmas, Easter and New 12 months Celebrations as a result of that is the time the demand for poultry is highest.

In the meantime Pullets (Layers) may be raised at any time of the yr as a result of of the continual demand of eggs.

As you possibly can see that the completely different breeds of birds are necessary relying on the aim to which you need them to serve on your want as defined above.

As a poultry farmer, there are particular intervals chances are you’ll want to increase broilers as an example in the course of the festive intervals as a result of of the truth that you need to promote them in the course of the festive seasons and get that fast money at that interval.

You may also resolve to increase a couple of breed of birds as their functions are completely completely different from eachother. As an example, you may be elevating your layers for egg manufacturing in addition to elevating your broilers for meat manufacturing and whereas elevating the layers as a long run egg manufacturing plan, you might be additionally elevating your broilers as quick time period slaughetr meat functions.

Allow us to take a look at the the completely different breeds of birds we now have beneath

Egg Productive Poultry Breeds (Layers)

The chickens raised for egg manufacturing are often known as layer chickens. Nearly all kinds of industrial layer poultry breed begin laying eggs inside their 5 to six month of age. They constantly lay about 275 to 300 eggs per yr. Some pressure lay about 330 eggs per yr. Some extremely egg productive breeds are leghorn, minorca, ancona, fayoumi, isa brown, babcock, star cross, lohmann and many others.

Their options embody the next:

  • Comparatively weights lower than different poultry breeds.
  • Achieve sexual maturity earlier.
  • Much less egg incubating pattern.
  • Begin laying eggs inside their 5 to six month of age.
  • Changing effectivity of meals to egg could be very excessive.
  • Include much less fats in their physique.
  • Egg producing energy could be very excessive.
  • Lay huge sized eggs.

Meat Productive Poultry Bird Breeds (Broilers)

This sort of poultry birds are used for under meat manufacturing objective. Their meat turn out to be very delicate and attractive. They weights about 2 to 2.5 kg inside their 7 to 8 weeks of age, consuming about 4 kg meals.

They turn out to be appropriate for advertising and marketing inside 8 weeks. The world’s hottest breeds of broiler poultry are starbro, plymouth rock, cornish, sussex, brahma, hy-line, rose broiler, asil, cochin and many others.
broiler chicken, broiler poultry, broiler chicken picture, broiler poultry picture

  • Comparatively weights a lot than different poultry breeds.
  • Don’t incubate their eggs.
  • Meals to meat changing effectivity could be very excessive.
  • Develop very quick.
  • Include a lot fats in their physique.
  • Egg producing energy could be very low.
  • They turn out to be very huge sized.


Twin-Goal Poultry Bird Breeds

Widespread dual-purpose breeds for each meat and egg manufacturing are new hampshire, australorp, rhode island purple, plymouth and many others. Traits of this varieties of poultry birds are described beneath.

  • This varieties of poultry breeds are of medium sized.
  • Weight excessive.
  • They might have pattern for hatching eggs.
  • Lay much less eggs than egg productive breeds.
  • They include correct ratio of fats in their physique.
  • Grows very nicely.
  • Achieve maturity very quick.

Subsequently the selection of which kind of poultry fowl you would like to increase largely relies on the aim you need them to serve both as meat, for egg manufacturing or twin objective. Additionally the amount of birds it’s best to inventory can even rely upon the quantity of obtainable fund beneath your possession.

In the meantime there isn’t a hurt with beginning little as a newbie and develop progressively into the extent of your dream poultry farm and it’ll additionally show you how to enhance your understanding in the poultry enterprise to allow you turn out to be extra profitable as you study virtually on the job.

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