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The Ideal Instrument for Debeaking the Birds


Ideally, debeaking machine (electrical) ought to be utilized in debeaking the birds. Nonetheless, this depends upon the variety of the birds. As an example, birds lower than 200 items in quantity will be debeaked utilizing a highly regarded knife. The use of scissors in actually not advisable as the beaks can develop again in a short time.

Who does beak trimming?

Scorching blade beak trimming is carried out by contract groups, particular person farmers and a few giant poultry firms. The majority of birds are trimmed by contract groups. Birds have to be beak-trimmed by an accredited beak-trimmer to make sure that nationally agreed requirements are maintained and the welfare of the birds just isn’t compromised.

The infrared therapy machine is put in by the provider and leased by hatcheries. It’s monitored and managed by the provider by way of a communication system and on-site laptop.

When is beak trimming executed?

DebeakingInfrared beak trimming machine (picture courtesy of Peter Bell)

Beak trimming is carried out at numerous ages relying on the choice of the farm supervisor. The commonest ages for birds to be beak-trimmed are:

  • Day-old (commonest)
  • 5–10 days previous
  • 4–6 weeks
  • 8–12 weeks
  • Contact up trim of grownup birds (primarily in various programs)

How is beak trimming executed?

An infrared beak trimming methodology, utilizing a non-contact, excessive depth, infrared power supply to deal with the beak tissue, is the commonest methodology now in use. Initially the beak floor stays intact however after a number of weeks the sharp hook of the beak erodes.

Experiments have additionally been performed utilizing lasers for beak trimming, nevertheless this expertise just isn’t used for beak trimming on farms. A scorching blade beak trimming machine, with an electrically heated blade, is one other methodology that has been generally utilized in the previous, now being surpassed by infrared.

Debeaking Strategies

The other ways of trimming the beak of birds are:

  • Use of machine
  • Use of knife

Tips on how to Use the Debeaking Machine

automatic beak trimming machine
Automated beak trimming machine

The debeaking machine makes it sooner and simpler to debeak chickens. There are automated and semi-automatic poultry beak trimming machine. Comply with the procedures beneath to make use of the automated debeaking (beak trimming) machine.

  1. When the swap is turned on, regulate the temperature of the movable blade until it appears reddish or vibrant.
  2. When the movable blade glows, begin the motor swap and the boat-shaped swap.
  3. Modify the aperture of the micro cutter blade in keeping with the beak measurement.
  4. Maintain the rooster’s ft with the left hand, the neck with the proper thumb, and pin the throat with the forefinger of the proper hand. Stick the beak of the rooster into the aperture.
  5. Bleeding stops in 2 – 4 seconds after the movable blade drops.

Tips on how to Use the Debeaking Knife

You need to use the regular kitchen knife to debeak your chickens. How to do that:

  1. You have to a companion to do that comfortably
  2. Place the knife on burning range or coal and permit to be pink scorching
  3. Let your companion maintain the rooster’s legs and maintain the head (towards the mouth) of the rooster with one hand and gently reduce the pointed tip of the rooster’s beak utilizing the scorching knife.
  4. Launch the chook afterwards.

You are able to do this simply and sooner through the use of an Handheld Electrical Debeaking knife

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Handheld Electric Debeaker or Debeaking Knife
Handheld Electrical Debeaker or Debeaking Knife
Handheld Electric Debeaker
Handheld Electrical Debeaker

Guidelines in Debeaking or Beak Trimming

Earlier than beak trimming:

    • Don’t debeak birds if the flock just isn’t in good well being or whether it is present process from vaccine reactions.
    • Add Vitamin Ok to the ingesting water 48 hours previous to trimming and after to forestall haemorrhages.
    • Test the gear and guarantee that the trimming blade has the proper temperature to cauterize, however not so excessive to type a blister on the beak later.

Throughout beak trimming:

  • The operator ought to be put in and seated comfortably in such a approach that every beak will probably be reduce in the identical method.
  • Don’t rush the course of: a too excessive price (variety of birds/minute) might result in the next likelihood of errors and poor uniformity.
  • Clear the blades with sandpaper after use of 5,000 chicks or birds.
  • Ensure that the tongue of the chook just isn’t burned.

After beak trimming:

  • Enhance the water stage in the drinkers and the strain in the pipes to make it simple for the birds to drink.
  • Make it possible for the depth of the feed is sufficient. Don’t empty the feeders for per week following beak trimming.
  • It is very important give birds anti-stress or multivitamins earlier than and after the operation in order to scale back the stress impact on the birds’ efficiency.

It’s extremely helpful to debeak poultry birds to scale back mortality resulting from pecking, and wastage of feed to avoid wasting value.


Scorching blade beak trimming versus infrared beak therapy

  Scorching blade beak trimming Infrared beak therapy
  Benefits Drawback Benefits Disadvantages
Biosecurity   Beak trimmers transfer from farm to farm-potential biosecurity points with private hygiene and gear cleanliness. Gear situated in clear hatchery. Workers keep excessive ranges of biosecurity.  
Chook catching   Birds will be pressured from catching and restraint on farm.    
Gear arrange Completely different arrange for gear when beak trimming completely different ages  of chook, shed sort or location. Gear situated in hatchery. Settings adjusted simply utilizing key pad on processor  
Trimming Skilled operators can choose quantity of beak to take away. Correct beak trimming minimises issues later in chook’s life. Bodily harm to the birds whereas being dealt with for beak-trimming. Uncovered cauterised wound. Potential for bleeding from beak. Extreme beak trimming can  impair beak perform. Inadequate beak trimming leads to beak regrowth. A predetermined quantity of beak tissue is uncovered to an outlined quantity of infrared power. The uncovered tissues stays intact and there are not any open wounds or blood loss. Restrained by head on automated carousel for 15 seconds. Extreme power can harm comfortable tissues and impair beak perform. Inadequate beak therapy leads to beak regrowth and the must re-trim. Darkish pigmentation in the beak can result in cut up beaks.
Retrimming Birds will be re-trimmed at any age with the scorching blade.     Re-trimming can solely be carried out with scorching blade.
High quality of beak trimming High quality assurance checks on beaks have been documented in an accreditation program referred to in Australian Code of follow for Home Poultry.   In-house high quality assurance program developed. High quality assurance program wants inclusion in Australian Code of Observe for Home Poultry.
Data Data saved on beak trimming high quality and chook efficiency.   Data saved on beak trimming high quality and chook efficiency.  
Analysis Beak trimmers and farmers consider efficiency of birds after trimming.   In home data of beak therapy and chook efficiency.  
Abstract Open wound, re-trimming generally practiced to manage pecking.

No open wounds; extra dependable therapy, beak situation superior. If beaks regrow re-trimming required with scorching blade to avert cannibalism.

References: https://www.livestocking.web/debeaking-or-beak-trimming-in-poultry-production


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