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The Ideal Number of Blocks above Ground level in constructing a Poultry Pen House


Right now, we’re going to focus on about the best quantity of blocks above floor level in constructing a poultry pen home.

Most farmers typically wish to know what number of programs of blocks they’re supposed to lift above the bottom level, that is a superb query as many farmers usually increase blocks very excessive above the bottom level and this normally prevents birds from gaining access to good air flow.

The ideally suited programs of blocks to be raised above the bottom level is both 1 or 2 blocks at most above the bottom level, this may grant the birds entry to good air flow, in the meantime the quantity of blocks that will likely be below the bottom largely will depend on the topography of the land in query.

Differing types of poultry homes

  • Brooder / chick house-It’s used to brood and rear egg-type chicks from 0 to eight weeks of age.
  • Grower house-It’s used to develop egg-type birds from 9 to 18 weeks of age.
  • Brooders cum grower house-Right here, the birds are reared from 0 to 18 weeks of age (complete brooding and rising interval of egg-type rooster).
  • Layer house-During which birds over 18 weeks of age are reared, normally as much as 72 weeks of age.
  • Broiler house-During which broilers are reared as much as 6 weeks of age.
  • Breeder house-During which each female and male breeders are maintained at acceptable intercourse ratio.
  • Environmentally managed (EC) house-During which, complete surroundings is manipulated in such a manner that’s optimum for the birds development.

Poultry House Orientation

1) Path

The poultry home must be positioned in such a manner that lengthy axis is in east-west path. This can forestall the direct sunshine over the birds.

2) Measurement

Every broiler require one sq. foot of flooring area whereas a layer requires two sq. toes of flooring area below deep-litter system of rearing.  So the dimensions of the home will depend on the quantity of birds to be reared.

3) Size

The size of the home might be of any extent.  The quantity of birds reared and availability of the land determines the size of poultry home.

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poultry farm

4) Width

The open sided poultry homes in tropical nations ought to have a width no more than 22 to 25 toes in order to permit ample air flow and aeration on the mid-portion.  Sheds wider than this won’t present sufficient air flow through the scorching climate.

If the width of the shed is greater than 25 toes, ridge air flow on the center line of the roof prime with correct overhang is a should.  Sizzling air and obnoxious gases that are lighter than air transfer upward and escape by way of ridge air flow.

In environmentally managed poultry homes, the width of the home could also be even 40 toes or extra because the air flow is managed with the assistance of exhaust followers.

5) Peak

The peak of the perimeters from basis to the roof line must be 6 to 7 toes (eaves peak) and on the centre 10 to 12 toes.  In case of cage homes, the peak is determined by the kind of cage preparations (3 tier or 4 tier).

6) Basis

Good basis is crucial to forestall seepage of water into the poultry sheds.  The basis of the home ought to of concrete with 1 to 1.5 toes beneath the floor and 1 to 1.5 toes above the bottom level.

7) Ground

The flooring must be made of concrete with rat proof gadget and free from dampness.  The flooring of the home must be prolonged 1.5 toes exterior the wall on all sides to forestall rat and snake issues.

8) Doorways

The door have to be open exterior in case of deep-litter poultry homes. The dimension of door is ideally 6 x 2.5 toes.  On the entry, a foot bathtub must be constructed to fill with a disinfectant.

9) Aspect partitions

The aspect wall must be of 1-1.5 toes peak, and usually on the level of fowl’s again peak.  This aspect wall protects the fowl throughout wet days or chill local weather and in addition gives enough air flow.  In case of cage homes, no aspect wall is required.

10) Roof

The roof of the poultry home could also be thatched, tiled, asbestos or concrete one relying upon the fee involvement. Differing types of roofs are Shed, Gable, half-monitor, full-monitor (Monitor), Flat concrete, Gambrel, Gothic and so forth.  Gable sort is usually most popular in tropical nations like India.

11) Overhang

The overhang of the roof shouldn’t be lower than 3.5 toes in order to forestall the entry of rain water into the shed.

12) Lighting

Mild must be supplied at 7-8 toes above the bottom level and have to be hanged from ceiling.  If incandescent bulbs are used, the interval between two bulbs is 10 toes.  In case of fluorescent lights (tube lights) the interval is 15 toes.

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