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The Importance of Potassium on Cotton to Boost Quality and Yield



stunning since it’s the most plentiful mineral nutrient in fibers. Most of the carbohydrate for fiber cellulose synthesis comes from the leaves subtending the cotton bolls. Ok deficiency impacts cotton leaf photosynthetic capability by inhibiting carbohydrate synthesis and the carbohydrate transportation fee. Due to this fact, Ok deficiency impacts cotton fiber properties by inducing a carbohydrate acquisition problem represents an excellent entry level for exploring the mechanisms underlying this course of.

If making a supplemental Ok utility, one also needs to consider nitrogen (N) and boron (B) wants. N demand picks up by means of early flowering and is excessive at peak bloom. Equally, peak demand for B happens throughout flowering and extends by means of boll filling.

Situations Main to Potassium (Ok) Deficiencies

Ok mobility in soils is intermediate between N and phosphorus (P) however is just not simply leached as a result of it has a optimistic cost (Ok+), which causes it to be attracted to negatively charged soil colloids. In soils which can be Ok poor, chlorosis could also be a end result of this deficiency. The motive this typically doesn’t seem sooner within the season is due to cotton’s demand for Ok is comparatively low till squares seem at which era demand begins to enhance.

Dry climate could cause Ok deficiency to seem if there may be minimal moisture within the soil profile for the plant to take up water and Ok. On this state of affairs you could have greater than ample soil take a look at ranges of vitamins.

Low pH soils (i.e. beneath 5.8) can lead to restricted root development to a point. Restricted root development will restrict the world from which the plant can take up water and vitamins.

In some instances, a transient nutrient deficiency is brought about as a result of the plant may have extra Ok than it might bodily take up from the soil. This can be the case the place cotton is blooming and is sustaining a heavy fruit load.

Desired Potassium Tissue Take a look at Values

The desired tissue take a look at ranges for youngest mature leaf are 1.5 to 3% Ok throughout early bloom and 0.9 to 3% for late bloom. In high-yielding cotton varieties it’s most popular to be on the high finish of sufficiency ranges coming into early bloom, as a result of as a lot as three-fourths of the Ok is partitioned to fruiting constructions (bolls), so there may be heavy draw of Ok transferring from the leafs to creating bolls.

Key Software Timings and Charges

To maximise the effectiveness of supplemental Ok utility it is crucial to make the functions throughout and proper earlier than peak demand. The greatest apply is to make functions between match-head sq. and early to peak bloom. Later functions effectiveness is assorted and will rely on the fruit load and cotton varieties. Software choices embrace side-dress, foliar and fertigation by means of flood, drip of pivots.

Key Merchandise:


Nutrient(s) Deficiency Photos

Ok deficiency typically seems initially as interveinal chlorosis following by crimson coloration of leaf tissue on older leaves. After peak bloom, comparable deficiency signs seem however have a tendency to seem on new development. If deficiency signs turn into extreme sufficient, leaves can curl downward and/or seem thickened. In excessive instances, cotton will start to defoliate itself due to potassium deficiency.


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