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The Sharp Edge: Electrifying weed control with Phil Oegema


Weed control in natural soybeans and edible beans can show difficult for growers who solely have inter-row cultivation and scuffling of their weed administration toolbox.

On this episode of The Sharpe Edge, we find out how natural grower Phil Oegema and his household, who function Oegema Grains Ltd. close to St.Thomas, Ont., have put a cost into their weed control program to enhance harvestability, and shield meals grade premiums and yield.

The operation started to transition to natural manufacturing six years in the past. Over time, Phil and his father, Tom Oegema, realized the necessity for a device to wash up weeds missed by cultivation and scuffling. On this interview, Oegema tells Maizex agronomist Greg Stewart how they discovered an electrifying answer in The Weed Zapper, a machine produced by Previous College Manufacturing situated in Sedalia, Missouri.

“It’s been a phenomenal addition for weed control in both edibles and soybeans,” says Oegema. It’s basically a excessive voltage bar in entrance of a tractor powered by a 155 kW generator which electrifies the bar with 13,00o volts. When it drives over the sector, the bar electrocutes any weed that reaches above the cover. It turns the stem of the weed right into a conductor and shoots electrical energy by way of the plant and principally boils the weed’s vascular system, Oegema explains. No vitamins can then transfer by way of the plant and it merely dries down and dies. (Story continues after the video.)

A number of Weed Zapper discipline passes  — two for soybeans, three for edibles — are required for efficient late-season weed control, however Oegema feels it’s a robust funding that saves premiums by lowering staining and enhancing harvestability. He additionally sees a big yield affect by controlling large, aggressive weeds that may scale back pod fill. He estimates that cleansing up soiled soybean fields can save 5 bu/ac or extra and in addition offers an incredible possibility for pre-harvest weed control for natural growers.

Stewart notes that The Weed Zapper may additionally show to be a priceless asset in conventionally grown, non-organic soybeans that require late-season weed control assist. Oegema provides that the machine isn’t low-cost, however there’s a fast return when the unit covers 500 to 800 acres yearly.

There are additionally only a few put on factors on the machine. After buy, the associated fee is basically time and gasoline, says Oegema, who credit it with enabling the operation to develop natural edible beans.

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