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The Sharp Edge: Twin-row, multi-hybrid strip till with Mike Strang


Some farmers observe strip till of their cornfields, some plant corn in twin rows, whereas others plant a number of hybrids. Then there’s Mike Strang — he does all of it in the identical area and even provides cowl crops to the administration combine.

On this episode of The Sharpe Edge, Strang, who farms with his household close to Exeter, Ont., and Maizex agronomist Greg Stewart break down this method to tillage, planting, soil well being, and better yields. “There’s a lot going on here and it’s not necessarily easy, but Mike is persistent at looking at the big picture,” says Stewart.

Within the video, Strang shares his strip till technique, which incorporates fall and spring strips utilizing a SoilWarrior unit. In terms of fertility, some potash goes down within the fall and N-P-Ok at 80-40-30 is positioned within the strip within the spring. Additional fertility is then planter-applied utilizing an on-board liquid system.

Strang is a giant fan of dual rows. All corn is planted in twin rows in addition to edible beans and infrequently, soybeans. He notes that twin-row corn has delivered a seven bu/ac yield benefit in comparison with extra typical techniques throughout the household’s farming operation. (Story continues after the video.)

In recent times, Strang has planted totally different hybrids side-by-side in every twin row. In 2021, he switched it up — planting the identical hybrid side-by-side within the twin row, after which switching to the second hybrid for the neighbouring twin row. The hybrids then alternate throughout the sphere. With the primary hybrid having a taller, upright structure and the second having a extra pendulum leaf, Strang feels he can cut back competitors, seize extra daylight, and make extra yield.

Strang admits that marrying cowl crops to a multi-hybrid strip till system is a piece in progress however he believes the mix will improve soil well being and cut back soil erosion. He additionally believes a number of hybrids in a area cut back threat and his expertise to date signifies he can squeeze extra yield out of his corn vegetation.

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