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Tight supplies continue wide spread between new and old crop canola


When you’ve been following the canola markets, it’s been an interesting story, to say the least. There’s been a pretty big spread with new crop and old crop canola costs, and many are asking the query: when will they meet up?

Jon Driedger, of LeftField Commodity Analysis, says in concept that spread — which is at present upwards of $100/tonne — ought to meet up sooner or later, nevertheless it’s positively not a provided that they may. Driedger says that is partly attributable to excessive tightness in provide.

“It’s a little unpredictable and hard to say how that’s going to play out on the futures side, and part of the reason I say this is because I do think for canola futures — specifically in this current crop year — we are going to see a lot of erratic trade and more volatility. As well, probably less liquidity as we go forward, because supplies are simply dwindling at a rapid pace on-farm,” Driedger explains.

The truth that we’re coping with document excessive costs, and an all the time unsure China commerce state of affairs, performs into this too.

“Let’s say in a somewhat more normal price environment, you could expect some narrowing of that spread, some convergence of sort, or at least a coming together. A little hard to say that’s going to be the case of how that plays out this year, probably at least to a certain extent,” Driedger says. “But I think that it’s going to be unpredictable and again, there’s just going to be so little canola left that I think it’s just going to get really erratic, with low liquidity, and all those things. So it’s a little harder to predict how that July comes off the board, for example. Those unique circumstances this year create kind of a wild card.”

Wish to hear extra? Hearken to Driedger’s full dialogue on the t0pic throughout this Q&A!


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