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What’s new in tomato farming technology?

What’s new in tomato farming technology?Tomatoes are one of the most economically significant crops in the world. It’s estimated that 188M tomatoes were produced worldwide in 2018.

Tomato growers, on the other hand, are dealing with a plethora of difficulties, including climate-related pest and disease outbreaks, manpower shortages, and dry borewells, to mention a few.

As a result, millions of tons of tomatoes are wasted each year.

Growers now take advantage of technology to grow tomatoes more efficiently through task-tracking systems, drones, and state-of-the-art tomato transplanters.

In this post, we’ll strive to keep our tomato growers up to date on the latest technology on the market, as well as what they might expect in the future.

Sensors and satellites

To visualize the growth status of tomatoes, smart farming firms provide sensors and satellite pictures to tomato growers. Growers can also use remote sensors (sensors and satellites) to help with vegetation surveys, weather station data, soil samples, and other tasks.

Artificial intelligence

There are also several systems on the market that use artificial intelligence (AI) that is based on grower expertise. An AI platform can help you stabilize crops and minimize production costs while practicing environmentally friendly farming, whether you’re an expert or a novice at growing tomatoes.

Tomato planters

Tomato growers have benefited greatly from the invention of tomato planter machines. Nowadays, the market is flooded with a wide range of transplanters. Some agricultural technology companies claim to be able to reduce labor requirements by up to 80%, provide more exact plant spacing, and provide healthier root benefits.

Future agtech developments

Tomato producers should anticipate that as time passes, more and more technology will become available. Tomato growers in the United Kingdom, for example, are partnering with researchers to develop a novel sensor to boost yield.

According to an article published by Horti Daily, the goal of this study is to gain a better understanding of the water balance within plants in order to improve on-farm efficiency, reduce tomato losses, and extend the shelf life of the crop.



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