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Transplanting hemp with PlantTape

If you grow hemp—whether full season or autoflower hemp—PlantTape is a new transplanting system that can help you reduce labor expenses, enhance crop output, and improve the efficiency of your hemp nurseries.

Transplanting hemp - PlantTape automated transplanting system

Transplanting with PlantTape

The level of efficiency in hemp transplanting is a major game changer for hemp farmers all around the world. These are just a few of the many benefits of PlantTape’s automatic hemp transplanter:

  • PlantTape can easily plant 5-7 acres of hemp every hour with a team of 3, including tractor driver.
  • PlantTape provides accurate plant spacing adjustments in quarter-inch increments, unlike other hemp transplanters that allow incremental plant-to-plant modifications (for example, every 2 inches in a 12”-24” window).
  • Hemp seedlings from the PlantTape system have a far healthier root architecture than those from traditional transplanting trays.

Automated hemp transplanter – PlantTape automated transplanting system PlantTape

PlantTape revolutionizes vegetable and tomato agriculture

PlantTape is a breakthrough for vegetable and tomato growers who want to boost efficiency and crop productivity while lowering labor costs involved with transplanting. Some of the vegetables they grow include iceberg lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower, collards, leeks, and onions.

The PlantTape technology allows producers to transfer seedlings at practically any stage of development, providing them a lot of flexibility in terms of when to plant.

To learn more, visit the PlantTape webpage about vegetable transplanting at http://www.planttape.com/hemp-transplanter/

See our recent post on PlantTape vegetable agriculture.

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