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Transplanting tomatoes with PlantTape

The PlantTape automated transplanting system is ideal for large-scale tomato agriculture. For tomato growers, PlantTape can cut transplanting labor costs by 80% while increasing crop yield and greenhouse throughput.

PlantTape is based in Salinas, California and services the entire United States and even international countries.

Looking at the performance history of PlantTape automated tomato transplanter, we have have arrived at the following reasons why they are at the top of their game:

Tomato transplanting - PlantTape automated transplanting system

Speed and productivity

PlantTape’s tomato planter can transplant 5-7 acres of tomatoes with just a crew of 3 including the tractor driver. This is a good consideration for tomato farmers as labor requirements can be reduced by as much as 80%, while crop yields tend to improve due to better precision with seedling placement.


The PlantTape automated tomato transplanter is easy to use, especially in plant-to-plant spacing where you can adjust plant spacing in quarter inch increments. For line-to-line spacing, the transplanter can be reconfigured in the field with simple tools, and can accommodate almost any bed configuration.

Root benefits

Instead of the traditional containerized soil plug that forces the roots into a tight ball, the PlantTape system has the ability to grow tomatoes in an open-bottom plug. This results in the plant to actively grow in a natural root architecture, and to establish well in the soil.

The PlantTape automated transplanting system is indeed versatile. PlantTape can also transplant other commodities like lettuce, onions, broccoli, bell peppers, leeks, cilantro, and even hemp. They even did a field demo on how the PlantTape system can transplant six commodities at the same time. Additionally, the PlantTape system can transplant seedlings at almost any stage of growth, giving growers tremendous flexibility on when to plant.

To learn more, visit the PlantTape webpage about tomato transplanting at https://www.planttape.com/tomato-transplanter.

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