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Transplanting vegetables with PlantTape

PlantTape is a turnkey solution for vegetable growers looking to boost efficiency and crop productivity while reducing labor costs involved with transplanting.

Cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, leeks, collards are some of the most common vegetable crops grown with the PlantTape transplanting system.

Transplanting vegetables - PlantTape automated transplanting system

Vegetable transplanting with PlantTape

  • PlantTape allows for quick transplanting. Two to five acres of onions, cabbage, broccoli, or other vegetables can be transplanted every hour by a three-person crew (including the tractor driver).
  • PlantTape reduces vegetable transplanting labor requirements by 80 percent when compared to other transplanting systems that require a 15-person crew, while enhancing transplanting productivity and crop production.
  • PlantTape’s automatic vegetable transplanter provides for extremely fine plant-to-plant and line-to-line spacing control.

Rothert Farms uses the PlantTape automated transplanting system

In 2017, in their farm in Florida, Rothert Farms started using the PlantTape system for transplanting iceberg lettuce.

According to the owner, Jake Rothert, they used to deal with high labor costs and inconsistent lettuce stands problems.

However, he overcame these challenges when they implemented PlantTape.  With the help of the PlantTape team and their vegetable planter, everything went well. The farm is now benefiting from the results such as lower labor costs, higher greenhouse throughput, lower seed costs, and increased crop yield.

Rothert Farms is looking to add more commodities to be transplanted with PlantTape.

Transplanting vegetables – PlantTape automated transplanter planting

PlantTape revolutionizes vegetable transplanting

PlantTape represents a breakthrough for vegetable growers to increase efficiency and crop yield while decreasing labor overhead associated with transplanting vegetables.

The PlantTape system can transplant seedlings at almost any stage of growth, giving growers tremendous flexibility on when to plant.

To learn more, visit the PlantTape webpage about vegetable transplanting at http://www.planttape.com/vegetable-transplanter/

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