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Understanding Cats


Understanding cats is straightforward, we simply have to understand how they dwell of their pure setting, after which ensure we meet their wants.

Outdoor, cats hunt for meals, cover from predators (typically by climbing), and defend their house territories. Indoors, these behaviors might look hostile (biting and scratching) or spiteful (climbing and marking), and we might not like them.

The keys to having fun with cats in our lives are to:

1. Present acceptable shops for them to “do what they need to do”, and

2. Defend them from threats.

Cats have a unique social construction from that of canine and most different home Social predators like canine and people are generally group hunters of huge prey, whereas the prey species, cattle and horses for instance, developed social teams for self-protection.

In distinction, cats are solitary hunters of small prey. This technique cats appearing otherwise than many different species, which will be irritating for house owners who don’t perceive why they do what they do.

We will use our understanding of cat conduct to enhance the setting of the indoor cats that share our lives.



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