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VeriGrain launches new grain quantity and quality app


Western Canadian farmers can now use an app to realize details about their grain’s quality.

The VeriGrain app consists of options that can permit farmers to get quantity and quality data from their bin contents.

Farmers can create a file of their grain pattern as it’s loaded in or out of their bin so as to add traits, analyze, monitor, and share the data with potential patrons. The Bin Contents Profile function, reveals growers the sampled layers of their bins with associated traits, and calculates a weighted common of the bin contents. The Pattern Help function calculates the optimum time interval and variety of samples required to precisely symbolize the quantity of bushels sampled — the cellphone beeps and vibrates when it’s time to take a pattern.

The app additionally permits for interplay with labs to obtain an impartial, detailed evaluation of the pattern. Assessments may be ordered instantly from the app with outcomes added to the pattern file, making certain a 3rd get together is verifying the grade.

Ken Jackson, CEO of VeriGrain says that with out figuring out the contents of their bin, grain farmers are sometimes underselling their product and not maximizing their revenue.

“When you consider that different grades and specific characteristics can change final prices by up to 20 per cent or more, knowing exactly what’s in your bins is crucial for maximum profits,” says Jackson. “We recognize the risk that growers face when delivering their grain with the possibility of it being downgraded or rejected. The VeriGrain App empowers growers to make appropriate marketing and selling decisions because they know the value of what’s in their bin.”

Jackson provides that the customer may really feel assured in what they’re buying, so it’s beneficial data for each events. The VeriGrain app may be downloaded for an introductory subscription value of $295/12 months.


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