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Weighing birds a key monitoring tool in poultry


Monitoring the common weights of your flock from day one is a essential administration tool in poultry farming and this requires all business poultry farmers to personal digital weighing scales.

Monitoring poultry hen weights is a crucial tool in trendy poultry administration. Particularly in poultry rising, the precise dedication of hen weights is a decisive issue for financial success.

Nonetheless, any poultry farmer preserving broiler breeders, pullets or layers should additionally test the load improvement of his birds intently. Too excessive or too low weights at all times have a adverse impact on the manufacturing outcomes and in addition imply that the farmer is just not taking full benefit of the birds‘ genetic potential, which in turn influences the farm’s earnings negatively.

About 10% of the flock is measured from completely different factors of the home randomly.

1. Within the early levels of lifetime of a flock, weighing will assist u discover the common weight and uniformity of the flock weekly for key selections to be made.

2. Observe that younger birds being extraordinarily past the common weight in the information may point out hazard.

3. Weekly measuring is just not suggested in actively laying birds since it may well trigger stress particularly in very popular days however it may be carried out in circumstances of in defined discount in manufacturing.

4. Bear in mind one of the best weights for egg manufacturing in layers is between 1.6kg to 2.0kg so don’t count on hen beneath 1.5kg to put and people above 2.2kg are tending to the weight problems level which is related to points like prolapse.

5. In case of illness, stress, change in high quality and amount of feed and so on, hen can lose round 50g to 100g per week sending it to a degree in weight the place it can’t lay any egg. This has been the case to many experiencing severe manufacturing declines.

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Repeatedly weighing your cattle gives an up-to-date overview of the expansion course of in your home and perception into animal exercise on a every day foundation.

Conserving data of the load of a flock and the load of feed it eats helps the farmer in a number of methods. With this data, losses in physique weight or decreases in feed consumption, two main indicators of illness, may be noticed. As well as, the farmer can extra simply see when meat birds have reached uneconomical charges of feed consumption.

The simplest option to weigh a stay hen is to position it headfirst in a sheet metallic cone. Modify the dimensions for the load of the cone, or subtract its weight from the dimensions studying.

In the meantime, It’s not essential to weigh all of the chickens. A pattern of 5 or ten p.c of what look like common – dimension birds will do.

Now let’s take weighing of broilers as an illustration to elucidate additional for clearer understanding beneath.

Why weigh broilers poultry birds?


On farm weighing lets you meet these necessities.

There are two varieties of weighings

A) Spot weighings

These are occasional weighings and provides a snapshot image of the state of affairs on the time they’re taken. They might be used in the final week or two, simply to test that your broilers might be bear to the ultimate goal weight.

Or they will happen at intervals by way of the crop to test that the load for age is in line with the breeder’ goal for that age. In different phrases, to see if they’re rising alongside the expansion curve advisable by the breed firm supplying the birds.

The logic of that is that should you can preserve them on or near this prescribed progress curve on a regular basis, they WILL be on course weight at kill!

B) Common every day weighings

If you happen to can weigh birds daily, you not solely see if they’re on the goal weight for that day, BUT you may as well see that the every day Dwell Weight Acquire (LWG) is on course. Any fall off in every day LWG may give an early signal of impending illness or of a administration drawback.

Learn how to weigh broilers

1) Hand weighing

Younger broilers may be weighed in teams of 10, 20, 40 and so on relying on their age and dimension of the container you employ to weigh them in. That is usually slung or suspended from a mechanical scale from the ceiling.

This technique in all fairness fast, and doesn’t stress the birds an excessive amount of. We solely have to know the common weight, so weighing the container stuffed with birds, then subtracting the load of the container empty and dividing this by the variety of birds in the container, will provide you with the common weight.

If you happen to do that a variety of instances in completely different elements of the home, you’re going to get a collection of common weights. Taking the common of those will provide you with one of the best estimate of the home common. Greater broilers have to be weighed individually.

Some individuals put a loop of twine spherical their two toes and droop them the wrong way up from a scale hung from the ceiling. Broilers don’t like this and wrestle and flap, making it troublesome to learn the dimensions correctly. It is usually very traumatic to the birds and it takes them time to recover from the trauma earlier than they begin rising usually once more.

There are open-ended weighing cones in the marketplace, which hold from the dimensions. You set a hen into this head first, and the perimeters of the cone cease their wings flapping.

Sensible issues

A) The process is traumatic to birds and slows their progress.
B) It’s a time consuming and labour intensive technique, not appropriate for large-scale manufacturing.

Statistical issues

A) Variety of birds

All birds in the flock don’t weigh the identical. Usually about two thirds of the birds are inside 10% of the flock common, with about one sixth being greater than 10% higher than common and one sixth being greater than 10% worse than common. We need to estimate the common weight of all of the birds in the home by weighing a pattern.

Weighing birds a key monitoring tool in poultry

Distribution of liveweights in a flock of as-hatched broilers (supply: Ross)

What number of to weigh?

If you happen to solely weighed only one hen at random, then clearly, 2/3 of the time your estimate can be solely inside 10% of the true flock common. This isn’t ok, so you should weigh extra.

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Desk 1 exhibits you the way your estimate of the home common improves the extra you weigh. So, for instance, should you weigh 100 birds at random, you’re going to get a mean inside 1% of the true home common inside 2/3 of the time.

B) Bias

Catchers are inclined to catch heavier birds as a result of the smaller ones get away! So the estimate of flock common could also be too optimistic.

2) Computerized hen weighing


1) No stress on the birds. Some scales are enticing to the birds as a result of they wish to hop as much as a increased degree.

2) Can get weights daily.

3) Giant numbers are weighed, so the estimate of the home common is sweet.

4) Higher arithmetic may be construct into the software program programme concerned to estimate the true common higher.

5) Information may be noticed on the management field in the broiler home or on a pc in your workplace through a cable linked to a giant variety of management bins in completely different broiler homes.

6) These weights may be proven as graphs. For instance:
• Precise every day weights in comparison with the breed goal progress curve.
• Share deviation from every day’s goal.
• Every day LWG in comparison with breed goal.

7) Information and graphs may be accessed, through a modem from a distant pc, (say in the farmer’s home or a firm head workplace).

8) Will be integrated into administration and diet management techniques for revenue optimisation.

Weighing birds a key monitoring tool in poultry


There may be a capital price of set up of the gear, although upkeep price may be low.

Varieties of computerized weighers

A) Platform weighers

These are usually metallic bins, that are positioned on the litter and are linked by a cable to a management field in the broiler home. They weigh one hen on the time and are self-tareing when no birds are on the dimensions. In different phrases the empty weight of the dimensions is zeroed every time to permit for construct up of muck on the dimensions.

When a hen will get on the dimensions, the dimensions data a increased weight. It permits for oscillation in the recorded weight, and when the load is steady, it will likely be recorded if it meets sure standards.

The burden needs to be inside a set share of the anticipated weight for that day. If it isn’t, (for instance, if two or extra birds go on the identical time), the load is discarded as not legitimate weight. These scales may give cheap correct estimates of the common weight.

Disadvantages of a platform weigher

1) The size needs to be empty of birds earlier than the subsequent hen weight is recorded. So if a number of birds keep on the dimensions for a while, no weighings are potential earlier than they ALL get off!

2) The load cell and the digital gear in the platform weigher itself are close to the litter the place a construct up of dampness and ammonia might happen. Over time, this will get into the electronics and trigger failure.

3) A cable has to guide from the dimensions to the management field. A minimum of a part of that is on or beneath the litter, and may be broken by birds or in any other case.

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B) Hanging scales

These work on a completely different precept. They comprise a bigger, 50 cm spherical platform suspended through load cell and electronics from the ceiling. The platform is mounted in the centre which allows the birds to get on and off from all instructions (see image). Many birds may be on the platform on the identical time, relying on their dimension.

A weight is recorded when a birds will get OFF the dimensions! As earlier than, a steady weight needs to be recorded earlier than and after the hen will get off, and the load needs to be inside a prescribed bandwidth. So if two birds get off collectively, no weight is recorded. Construct up of muck on the dimensions doesn’t matter, as it’s the distinction in weight that’s recorded.


1. Produces extra legitimate recorded weights than ground scales so the estimate common is healthier.

2. Broilers wish to hop as much as a increased degree, so the dimensions is occupied more often than not.

3. The digital and cargo cell are in the ceiling, nicely out of moist and ammonia, and is in situ between crops.

4. Cables are completely mounted from the load cell and electronics, again to the management field, out of attain of the birds and are a lot much less prone to be broken.


1. Complete weight on the dimensions may be excessive, so a actually safe fixing to the ceiling is required. A flimsy screw hook may be pulled out.

2. The capital price could also be increased.

Present use of broiler scales

A whole bunch are actually in use in Europe and in America. Main firms are analyzing the assorted choices and a few are actually shopping for in quantity.

The longer term

We might want to get broilers to market age at extra precise weights, (no less than to inside 2% of the goal), to satisfy grocery store and shopper demand. To do that we might want to train higher administration management of broiler rising.

Regardless of the {industry}, you can’t train administration management should you do not need correct administration data!

Figuring out what your broilers weigh on a daily foundation is important if you wish to get them to market age on the goal weight in one of the best, most price efficient method.

If you happen to see deviations from the correct progress curve beginning to develop, you could have the chance to do one thing about it fast sufficient to get them again on the proper progress curve once more.

With out this data, you could not even know there may be a drawback till it might be too late to do something about it!

What to do about it might contain wanting on the every day feed intakes and the every day nutrient intakes of the birds in comparison with breed targets. There are confirmed pc programmes out there that can assist you just do that.

Desk 1    Limits of Accuracy associated to Common weight
Weighing birds a key monitoring tool in poultry

(supply: Flockman, Ross, Cobb)

Weighing birds a key monitoring tool in poultry

Reference: https://en.engormix.com/poultry-industry/articles/why-weigh-broilers-t33422.htm

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