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Wheat Pete’s Word, June 9: Potato leafhopper, wild weather, and side-dress nitrate results


One other insect alert, this time for potato leafhopper, climate whammies and the impact on corn, in addition to corn nitrogen side-dress timing, and weed science analysis results all headline this week’s episode of Wheat Pete’s Phrase.

Will host Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson get by all his chosen matters earlier than he runs out of time? Pay attention in to search out out and you should definitely take a look at all the nice sources, Pete mentions on this episode!

Have a query you’d like Johnson to deal with or some yield results to ship in? Disagree with one thing he’s mentioned? Go away him a message at 1-888-746-3311, ship him a tweet (@wheatpete), or e mail him at [email protected]


  • Security alert! Silo fuel. You need to watch out, please
  • Final week the insect alert was for alfalfa weevil, this week it’s for potato leafhopper! Bear in mind the thresholds. Extra on alfalfa weevil right here. And for potato leafhopper, learn on right here
  • Wild climate. From freezing temperatures to excessive warmth, and drought to floods. It’s all occurring. Goldilocks zone or horseshoes? You resolve
  • Winter wheat head tip kernels touched by frost. The remainder of the top will get all of the photosynthate and will set extra kernels. Close to miss!
  • Millet crop touched by frost pulled by. Soybeans can take as much as two weeks to point out new progress after a frost!
  • Decreased corn stands, decreasing aspect costume nitrogen suggestions accordingly
  • Aspect costume nitrate testing, take a look at the results right here. Common is 12 ppm, form of bang-on, kinda
  • Chilly temperatures, did they decelerate nitrogen launch? Soil microbes are chugging away at a standard tempo
  • Do your personal take a look at, although! Do a nitrate take a look at you probably have manure or crimson clover within the historical past, particularly
  • Pre-emerge herbicide damaging ragweed at eight to 10 leaf. Time of day spraying analysis results: 3:00 pm for all herbicides. Don’t miss that information right here
  • A query from Saskatchewan! Liberty sprayed at 35 °C, the weeds died, the canola seems to be fantastic. Colleen Redlick of BASF, says that over 27 °C the crops and weeds shut down. With Liberty, there’s no higher temperature restrict, however in Western Canada, delta T is a giant factor.
  • Try this Sprayers101 submit from Tom Wolf. Temperature isn’t the one environmental issue!
  • Excessive temperatures at grain fill? 18 levels C days, 10 levels C days is perfect. At hotter temps, the wheat is rising twice as quick as we wish it to
  • Grain fill begins at pollination and ends within the peduncle!
  • The worth of straw. Even at in the present day’s fertilizer costs, solely $0.01 per pound in straw. Is three cents a superb deal? Pete breaks it down


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