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Why take too much sugar? Even ‘Healthy People’ are at risk of developing Heart Disease


The research, which has been revealed in Medical Science, seemed at two teams of males with both excessive or low ranges of liver fats, and fed them a excessive or low sugar weight-reduction plan to search out out if the quantity of liver fats influences the affect of sugar on their cardiovascular well being.

The low sugar weight-reduction plan contained not more than 140 energy a day price of sugar an quantity near the beneficial consumption whereas the excessive sugar weight-reduction plan contained 650 energy price.

After 12 weeks on the excessive sugar weight-reduction plan, the boys with a excessive degree of liver fats a situation often called non-alcoholic fatty liver illness (NAFLD) confirmed adjustments of their fats metabolism that are related to an elevated risk of heart problems, coronary heart assaults and strokes.

Fats metabolism is the biochemical course of by which fat are transported and damaged down within the blood, and utilized by the cells of the physique.

The outcomes additionally revealed that when the group of wholesome males with a low degree of liver fats consumed a excessive quantity of sugar, their liver fats elevated and their fats metabolism turned just like that of the boys with NAFLD.

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Professor of Dietary Metabolism, Bruce Griffin, mentioned: “Our findings provide new evidence that consuming high amounts of sugar can alter your fat metabolism in ways that could increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

“While most adults don’t consume the high levels of sugar we used in this study, some children and teenagers may reach these levels of sugar intake by over-consuming fizzy drinks and sweets.

This raises concern for the future health of the younger population, especially in view of the alarmingly high prevalence of NAFLD in children and teenagers, and exponential rise of fatal liver disease in adults.”


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