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Winter wheat ahead of schedule despite bumpy ride


The curler coaster ride continues for Ontario’s winter wheat crop.

It’s been a spring full of climate highs and lows however AGRIS Co-op agronomist Dale Cowan says the event of the crop is operating about 10 days ahead of schedule within the southwest area of the province.

Cowan advised agronomists, researchers, and agribusiness reps gathered for Tuesday’s digital Ridgetown Agribusiness assembly that “we really need to be careful to not let the calendar stage the wheat.” He famous that staging is “all over the place” however some wheat planted in mid September has accrued 1,239 rising diploma days and theoretically that’s sufficient for flag leaf emergence to start.

Total, agronomists famous that the crop is progressing properly throughout the southwestern area despite large climate swings all through March and April. “It seems that every seven or eight days we go to zero degrees and no accumulation of heat so wheat has been up and down like a roller coaster. But it still looks surprisingly strong out there,” mentioned Cowan. He’s heard feedback from growers that the wheat is “stalling out” however it’s essential to notice that in lots of areas the crop continues to be ahead of schedule.

At present, cool nights seem like retaining illness strain relatively low, however that would change if hotter climate arrives and it stays moist. “We could have an explosion of wheat disease as the canopy is really thick,” famous Cowan.

Agronomist and crop watchers have reported extra incidences of septoria, powdery mildew and snow moulds in rising areas north of London, however given the circumstances the crop is in fine condition.

For growers seeking to optimize yields by decreasing the potential for lodging, plant development regulators (PGR) stay an possibility. The appliance window, nevertheless, is closing shortly. Each Manipulator and Moddus PGRs are registered for utility as much as flag leaf.


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