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Your soil has a unique story: Performance Insights


Validate your administration practices and uncover alternatives for enchancment

Information is energy, particularly with all the knowledge precision agronomy has to supply. Probably the most profitable plans – from crop rotation to soil zone administration, crop vitamins and fertilizer technique – leverage that data to repeatedly enhance financial and environmental sustainability in your farm.

One among your strongest instruments is the gathering and understanding of fine information. “Having sound data, you can make decisions on how to fertilize certain areas of your field or what seed rates are needed to help increase your return on investment,” says Garth Donald, Decisive Farming co-founder and supervisor of agronomy. “This kind of information allows you to make the best decision of what you want to grow in subsequent years to try and gain the best overall return on investment.”

In terms of managing and making use of all that info on your farm’s plans right this moment, tomorrow and past, perception and hindsight can convey 20-20 imaginative and prescient for one of the best choice making. When you’ve a second set of eyes, it’s much more clear.

Preserve enhancing

With Performance Insights, Decisive Farming’s group of agronomy specialists work with you to extra deeply discover the quantitative efficiency throughout your farm. This system streamlines all that information so you possibly can apply it proactively and effectively whereas saving beneficial effort and time.

This collaborative course of connects your data of your fields with expert agronomic experience and advisement for higher understanding throughout your farm. Working collectively takes higher benefit of variable fee (VR) applied sciences and soil testing information to establish differing soil traits, illness strain or soil fertility challenges on the zonal degree. Collectively, you possibly can take all that element and apply it throughout the bigger image of your whole farm. You’ll make investments the place it issues most, improve nutrient uptake, lower wasted inputs and enhance your farm’s general income.

“The farmers who are excited about VR are looking for ways to continue to aggressively take on the world in conjunction with the 4Rs,” says Andrea Bilodeau, Decisive Farming senior agrologist. “Performance Insights is a great piece and part of the conversation and how we do that. We focus on the areas of the field the farmer can make shine, open up a conversation around why some are lower yielding, and how to maximize on the investment being put out there.”

That features configuring your tools and linking all of your techniques for handy info entry you possibly can belief. “Having a complete calibrated data set from a combine can be a valuable tool in identifying places of concern more specifically,” says Bilodeau.

Correct as-applied data round your pesticide and in-crop functions additionally imply you possibly can extra successfully react to modifications in additional exact ways in which reduce disruption to the remainder of your crop plan. “As-applied records give you a history of what you applied so you can go back in the growing season to make sure that application actually worked for what you were applying it for,” says Donald. “Once you have a digital copy of that data, it allows you to make decisions going forward around what you can grow, or what you may need to grow.”

Farm-wide, in-depth evaluation

Because the season wraps, you possibly can validate or modify your plans with a deep delve into your farm’s efficiency to find what’s working and the place one of the best alternatives for enchancment lie. At Decisive Farming, this in-depth exploration is your annual Harvest Assessment.

“The Harvest Review allows us to sit down frankly with customers and have a really incredible conversation,” says Bilodeau. “Sitting down and evaluating each field to this level and having someone discuss what all this data really means is different for them.”

This dialogue creates a clear imaginative and prescient round components at play together with your yield variability, manufacturing bills and historic efficiency as you’re employed collectively to see patterns and make assessments for progress and effectivity. “Data collection gives farmers a yearly dataset of which products they use, but it also creates a history,” says Donald. “You can go back and understand whether what you did worked or not.”

Going ahead, these data make for one of the best rotation choices. “Maybe you stretch them out a bit and limit certain crops,” says Bilodeau. “It may also give you an opportunity and better knowledge in terms of the varieties you’re choosing.”

That completely different perspective round discipline efficiency drives stronger administration choices. For instance, “Did areas of long-time poor performance respond to how you treated them?” says Donald. “If they did not, you can create a new plan moving forward by using data as opposed to guessing or trial and error.”

Collaborative insights and opinions are highly effective instruments to repeatedly enhance efficiency in your farm. “We have this incredible overview of where we started this process, where we ended it and how we’re going to continue forward,” says Bilodeau. “It creates this wonderful conversation with our farmers about their goals and strategies for improving on their farms. That’s the biggest thing.”

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